Yard Sale Furniture Makeovers

Looking for easy yard sale makeovers? Here are five yard sale furniture makeovers and one of my favorite un-makeovers ever.


Please let me know if you have opinions.

I’m in dire need of a few.

You see I’m 3/4 of the way through the office makeover and it’s turning out even cuter than I hoped.

Don’t you love it when a project goes like that?

Everything I’ve ordered has shown up and the rug and the curtains and painted fireplace are even better friends than I thought. I’ve been shopping at thrift stores and yard sales for navy books and the bookcases from IKEA may need to be customized just a little bit and we added crown molding to the fireplace and now it looks like a piece of furniture.

See what I mean?

It’s all going swimmingly.


Except I kind of ran into a speed bump. Something that I thought was going to be perfect for the room may not work like I planned. I’ve discussed it with my mom and my husband and now?

I’m looking to you. My favorite opinion source on the planet.

Can you help me decide?


Let me start here.

This is a sneak peek into the space.

Don’t worry.

There’s a rug and accessories and bookcases and a painted fireplace and spindle chairs with the cutest blue and white pillow covers just waiting on the other side of this picture.

But for now?

I need help with this.


My father’s desk.

It (along with these parquet floors) have been in this room for as long as I can remember. I used to sit on the other side of this desk in my Dairy Queen apron and Flock of Seagull bangs and roll my blue eyeshadow eyes at my father. I couldn’t help it.

I was 16 and knew everything.


It’s a vintage desk with the original finish (sealed in with the thickest lacquered finish) and these side panels that pull out on either side of the desk.

The handles on the desk are original with the original keyholes on the top drawers.

There are three drawers on each side and a large center drawer. There’s an opening to the desk at the front and the back that lets you pull up two drawers if two people need to work.


Now you’ve met the desk.

And no worries. It’s staying in the room. I love it too much and it’s too sentimental to let it go.

But here’s the thing.

In my design plan I had planned on painting it white. It’s a lot of desk and a lot of wood and the wood is kind of an odd color (it’s hard to tell from these pictures).

So I thought it would be better painted white.


But now?

Now I’m not sure.

As the design plan progresses I can’t decide. On the one hand, I think it will make the room plan all fit together so much better.

But then? The wood looks so pretty and helps ground the painted navy fireplace and I think it might be better wood.

Here are a couple of options and then if you have a second if you could weigh in with an opinion in the comment section. Should I:

  1. Paint it white
  2. Leave it as is without painting it
  3. Paint the base and leave the top wood
  4. Strip and restain the desk to a more natural wood color

What do you think?

To help us all decide—here are some of my favorite yard sale find pieces that I made over and a piece I didn’t paint, too.

Yard Sale Furniture Makeovers

1. Upholstered chair makeover

I got a set of four of these chairs for $10 each at a yard sale and made them over in 10 minutes.

The chairs were in good shape, but the seats needed to be reupholstered.

It was an easy fix.

And now they look like this.


2. Bookcase makeover

This is where this bookcase started after it came home from a yard sale.

And then?

We added tile to the back of it.

I know, right? Tile. It was just leftover tile we had from another project.

You can see the after here.


3. Faux finish table

I bought this table at a thrift store (but I’ve seen tons of them at yard sales, too).

We painted it white and added a faux finish to the top.

It’s a distressed antiquing finish that’s one of my favorites.

And now?

It looks like this.


4. Coffee table makeover

You’ll never guess what I used to makeover this thrift store coffee table.



Glue. Can you believe it?

And now?

It looks like this.

5. Paint stick table makeover

If you have a table with a damaged top, this is a fun option.

You can make a herringbone top with paint sticks like this.

See the entire DIY here.

And one more for the road

This piece a testimony to the fact that not every furniture find needs a makeover.

Sometimes they just need a little love–especially when they started here.

And now?

I’d love a painted desk opinion.

Let me know what you think. 🙂

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