With multiple cabinet lines and endless options, how do you know which one to choose for your project? There are a lot of things to help you determine that like long you will be in your house, or the cabinet accessories you’re hoping for

If you don’t know where to start, here are a few tips to help you narrow it down.

Pick A Door Style

Every cabinet line offers many door styles ranging from shaker to raised panel. Since this is what everyone sees from the most, make sure to pick a timeless style that you’ll love for years to come. The differences will be found in the width of the stiles, whether it has a matching or slab drawer front, and how it’s constructed. Check with your Designer to figure out which door style best fits your needs. 

Choose A Color

The next important feature on everyone’s mind is always color. Color sets the tone of your kitchen so decide if you want a bold and bright or soft and relaxing space. Once that’s been determined, browse the color selections, and take your pick! If you’re unsure about a bold color, try using a softer tone that will match the style of your remodel and decorate with the bold color instead. This gives you more flexibility if you decide to re-decorate. 

Determine Your Budget

Did you know that most people only remodel their kitchen once every 20 years? With this being a top 10 lifetime purchase, determine how much you realistically want to invest in this project. If this is a 5-year home then think about a smaller budget, but if this is your forever-home, make sure it has everything that you want to avoid buyer’s remorse. Consider talking to your Designer for assistance or a real-estate agent to help you settle on a healthy budget.

Other Factors

Cabinet construction can have an impact on your decision as well. Standard construction is most often MDF (otherwise known as furniture board) which is a very good standard option. Some lines offer all-plywood with an upcharge. Outside of box materials, all cabinet lines will have soft close hinges, undermount steel soft close drawer glides, and ½” hardwood dovetail drawer boxes.

To some, interior accessories tend to be a side-benefit of the cabinet line they choose, but if you’ve spent hours on Pinterest, this may be something to focus on. If you’ve been dreaming of a specific spice pull-out for months, tell your Designer and they will steer you towards the line that offers it.

Now that you have a clear path to picking a cabinet line, ask about lead times before you start the design so you’re prepared. Remodeling a kitchen is important, and the last thing you would want is to compromise on your preferences because of the wait time.

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