When you design your own kitchen, you can include all the must-have details on your home renovation checklist

In a recent blog, we talked about seven essential tools every DIY homeowner should own — but what about the DIY baker? Do-it-yourself enthusiasts need hammers and a cordless drill, home chefs need a good set of knives and cookware, but there are essential tools that are unique for baking. Here are the must-have baking tools to keep in your kitchen.

Measuring Cups And Spoons

Natural-born cooks know the best dishes are created with a pinch of this and a dash of that, but when it comes to baking, precision matters. That is why it is important to keep measuring cups and spoons for both wet and dry ingredients on hand. For accurate measurements when following a recipe, these tools are a must.














Mixing Bowls And Baking Pans

A stackable set of mixing bowls is necessary for both wet and dry ingredients. These are the must-have baking pans to keep in your kitchen:
Cake Pans (Round, Square, and Rectangular) Cookie Sheets Jelly-Roll Pan Loaf Pan Muffin Tins Pie Plates Springform Pan Tart Pan Wire Cooling Racks
Use a Chrome Tray Divider to keep your baking pans tidy and organized inside your cabinets.

Spoons, Scrapers And Spatulas

A sturdy set of spoons and scrapers will help you stir wet and dry ingredients together and scrape every last drop out of your mixing bowl. Spatulas are essential for transferring freshly baked cookies from your cookie sheets to your cooling racks. For organization and easy access, store these items in a drawer with a Trimmable Utility Tray.











Hand-Held And Heavy-Duty Mixers

Hand mixers are very handy, but if you’re an avid baker, a stand mixer is worth its weight in gold. To save on valuable countertop space, add a Heavy-Duty Mixer Lift to a base cabinet near your workspace when you design your own kitchen.

We also recommend installing a drawer or door-mounted Spice Rack to keep your cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger within arms reach this holiday season. Happy baking!


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