What is the name of this part of drawers?

I was trying to describe a specific part of a set of drawers in another question, and cannot find the right name for it.

enter image description here

A photo showing the same part. Notice not all drawers have these, or they may be spaced out in a reduced number - I have one set where there's a drawer-thingy every two drawers, not between each.

enter image description here

Given that every part of any item made of wood has some kind of name, I'm positive this does but can't find it.


  • Shelf - its a useless shelf cos you can't put anything on it.
  • Front Face - this applies to the whole front that doesn't open.


  • Shelf brace?
  • Stringer?
  • Drawer support? (incredibly boring!)
  • Drawer chinrest? Perhaps - given