What Exactly Was I Doing With This?

Well, this would be a one block quilt that I started over a year ago, packed up into a project box and put away in the closet.  As you see, I had made a bunch of blocks.

I certainly had cut out a lot of strips.  But where were the instructions?  Was the block from a book?  Maybe a magazine?  I had no recollection.  At first.  I started thinking maybe I had gotten the idea from Instagram, and that it may have been a sew along hosted by a fabric shop.  I thought The Quilted Moose may have sponsored a one block sew along.  They had indeed, but not this one.  I finally Googled "One Block Quilt" and what do you supposed popped up?  Why my very own post on Sister's Choice Quilts about a fun sew along Temecula Quilts was hosting.  Hello.  Honestly, getting older is the pits.

So, here we are.  I found the instructions online, still available and free for anyone.  Back in January 2019 Temecula Quilts started a sew along called "One Block Wednesday".  As usual for me, I thought, 'I certainly have a lot of fabric to use up, I should do that".  And I started it, and it ended up getting put away.  

After I copied out the online instructions, of course, I found my previous notes from 2019 put away in a drawer.  Why I did not include them in the box with the fabric strips and completed blocks is a mystery.  Further proof of my diminishing mental capacity I am sure.

This turned out to be an enjoyable afternoon after I figured out what I was supposed to be doing.  It will be a fun project to pick up and stitch a few blocks on when I have a moment.  It does use up fabric.  You need to be able to cut one 2" x WOF strip each of a light and a dark fabric, or two 2" x 21" strips of both a dark and a light fabric for four blocks.  Easy peasy and what fun it is to put the different scrappy combos together.  It would be great in any type of fabric you have leftover from other projects.  How often have you cut into a fat quarter bundle for a new project and had tons left over?  There you go.

The blocks are only 3 1/2", so you could make a quilt any size depending on how much fabric you have.  The blocks are small enough that it would make a fantastic table topper or runner.

You might be wondering why I am not showing you my latest block from the Moda BlockHeads 3 sew along, which came out yesterday.  No.  Just no.  Not my cuppa tea this week.  I've made a few extra blocks, so I think I will sit this week out.

Hope your week is going well.  For me, I will be getting back to homeschooling Eva next week, so I am making the most of all my free time this week.
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