We can’t go to the cinema for now, but can it come to us? Oh yes, movie nights are well and alive, right at home

See how you can easily set up a projector and screen for the perfect shelter-in movie night.
Set up the movie night projector
Big screen — that’s the first thing that differentiates a cinema experience from watching TV at home. And you need a projector to achieve that.
#1 Hidden home cinema
A clean white wall is great for a home cinema screen. A combination of wall mounted IKEA BESTÅ units hides a projector.

Having a drawer and a flip-up table next to the sofa or bed ensures a table for popcorn and drinks.

See the home cinema nightstand.

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#2 Can’t mount it to the ceiling? No problem
If mounting the projector to the ceiling or wall is out of the question, do this! Use 2 ELVARLI posts and a shelf to hoist the projector up. You may still need to secure the posts with screws to prevent any accidents. Read more.

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#3 No drill wall projector mount
Emilie hacked a video projector that stands behind the couch. She used the top, bottom and long side pieces of the KALLAX plus EKBY STÖDIS brackets to make a C structure, which is held in place by the weight of the sofa. See the no-drill projector stand.

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#4 Stealth projector
A MALM nightstand hides a projector, behind the modified drop down drawer front. All cables and wires go into the unit too. Neat and tidy. See the stealth projector.

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Get the screen up
Once you have your projector up, you’ll need a screen. If you don’t have a blank white wall, an IKEA blind is the go-to projector screen.

Pierre’s apartment features a stone wall, so he can’t drill holes into or project onto the wall.

And he was looking for a light, discrete, easy to use and affordable (yes to all of them) video projector screen.

He bought a FRIDANS block out roller blind (200cmx195cm) for €38 and installed it.

It took him 15 minutes and it does the job perfectly.

The FRIDANS seems to be discontinued, but the TUPPLUR blackout blind works just as well. TUPPLUR is available from 23″ wide all the way to 48″. In this case, the bigger the better.

Buy TUPPLUR blinds.

Get your movies, popcorn, drinks and you’re all set for a fabulous movie night at home.

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