Want Something? Ask Before Buying!

shopping buying green

Youll Save Money If You Ask Before Buying!

shopping buying green

Buying new things is fun. It gives you an endorphin rush, so you feel good But there are questions you should ask before buying.

Were told its great for the economy to keep on buying but thats totally wrong. Were on a finite planet there are limits on resources, materials and space for discarded items. And sure, you feel good when you buy stuff but only for a short time.

So, should we stop buying things? No, thats impossible.But we could certainly buy less stuff.

Instead of focusing on how quickly we can get things delivered to us, or how cheap they are, or how fashionable and trendy they are, we should think first. Heres what to ask before buying.

Questions to Ask Before Buying

If something that you use a lot suddenly breaks, youll probably want to buy a replacement. A much-used kitchen knife, for example, or well-worn bed linen.

But if something is just old (but still works) or doesnt fit your decor anymore, can you live with what you already have?

Some brave people do a No-Buy Year where they go 12 months without buying certain things clothes for example, perhaps also knickknacks or electronics. Why? For a start, you save a LOT of money. It could help you to pay off debt. It also reduces your personal clutter.

Even if you dont want to do that, you could choose to be more mindful of your spending.

  1. Before you go shopping, think about spending intentionally
  2. When you see something you want, ask yourself if its truly a necessity, or something youre buying on a whim.
    • Will that kitchen gadget be really useful, or just take up valuable counter space?
    • Will another nice T-shirt just sit in a drawer, or a knickknack just gather dust on a shelf?
    • Is that sparkly new electronic gadget going to do something amazingly different, or will it just do the same as your current one?
  3. Think about it overnight. If your eagerness for the item isnt as strong, then save your money for something else.

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I Need It Buy Quality

If you decide you truly need to purchase something, then choose high-quality products when you can. Not only will you save money in the long run, but youll also save time (you wont have to hunt for a replacement) and of course, youll save precious resources.

Do your own research to find the right goods, or use websites like Buy Me Once, which sell only long-lasting products, including clothing, cookware, toys and luggage.

What To Do With The Old Item

If you decide to buy something new and its replacing something old, what happens to the old item?

In 2015, Americans generated nearly 262 million tons of trash. according to theEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA). (The population at that time was 321 million, so thats .8 or nearly a ton of waste for every man, woman and child in 1 year).

Dont automatically toss old items in the trash.

  • If it still works, you can donate it to a thrift store, give it to a friend or a family member, sell it online or offer it through a sharing website likeFreecycle.
  • Items like old eyeglasses can be a lifesaver for some Google your item and see what comes up.
  • Youll be surprised at what can be re-used or recycled or re-purposed, see here!

So when you look at that aging kitchen gadget or phone, think hard before you replace it. Consider where it will end up and whether it has a next life outside your home.


Being more mindful about your purchases saves you money, time, hassle and storage. It also reduces waste and conserves resources.

So consider the environment, ask before buying and cut your personal clutter too!

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