Waging a WAR!!

I am bound and determined to really get to the bottom of my sewing room even if it means making decisions I’ve continued to put off, do things that aren’t my favorite or sort and clean.  Seriously, I really want my sewing room back…and that is going to be my focus until I’m done..or the coronavirus quarantine is lifted.

I’ve found that my sewing room has become overrun with remnants of ideas, of things I thought I wanted to do at the time, and quite honestly, projects that prove my mind was bigger than the amount of time I had.

I’m not in love with my sewing room anymore.  Things don’t fit on the shelves.  So many projects and ideas have exploded into a mess.  The finished projects don’t get cleaned up.  Scraps that I’ve been gifted haven’t been truly given a home.  Many have stayed in the boxes they came in and I end up picking this or that out of the box.  I love the gifts…I just haven’t taken time to make the very best use of them and I WANT TO!

The time has come.  This is going to change.  From this day on I am taking care of one or two projects or ten a day until the sewing room is back under my complete control and not the control of whims and lack of time.  I’m sure many of you can relate.

Who has a stack of flimsy quilt tops that need to be quilted?

Who has scraps that need to be tended to?

Who has things stuck somewhere and not put away?

Oh my word.  It is time.  I am WAGING WAR on my sewing room….and I’m going to WIN and in the end, I know I will be happier for it.  I have no illusions that this will be painful, hard, taxing and at times very boring but I’m doing it.

First…Today, I’m finishing up with masks.

Then I’m picking projects from the sewing room and tackling them or getting rid of them or finding a better place to store them.   I’m serious about this.  I am waging a war.

This pile of shirts is going to get cut up and I’m going to cut out the Oregon or Bust quilt I’ve been wanting to make with them.  I’ve been saving shirts for a couple years.  I have enough.  It is time.
My Kaffe scraps are here…no real home for them.  They are finding a home.  They need to be stored in dignity or need to move on.  (I’m going to store them with dignity)  No more plastic bags for you my beautiful Kaffe prints.

I know what I planned to do with these shirts and they are going to get cut up for a quilt and the quilt is going to get cut out.  I might not sew it right away, but it’s getting cut out…

I have no idea what is in the basket, tote or box.  No idea at all.  It’s TIME!!  I’m finding it a home for it in my sewing room or moving it on out.

Here’s another pile of wishing….the Mickey prints I have a plan for but in the meantime, they need to not be sitting here.  What’s under them is a projects I had lofty ideas of doing…it’s TIME!

Oh and what’s this??A drawer full of batik scraps that need to be cut and put in my scrap users system.  I’ve just dumped them in there and thought “I’d do that later”…well later has come!!
Here are my calico fabric that you all have been sending me.  I love them, but is this how you treat something you love?  NO…they need a real home.

…and flimsy quilt tops.  I have 10.  I need to tackle them.  I need to look at this coronavirus time as a gift to get me caught up and where I want to be.

So…Every single day for the next month or for however long it takes, I am tackling at least one thing in the sewing room that needs attention.  If I can do more, great…but I must do one thing.  Tackle that drawer of batik scraps…machine quilt a flimsy….find a home for one of my fabric collections…it doesn’t matter what I chose to do but I MUST chose and work towards completing at least one thing.

So on Saturday I started…

I loaded this quilt onto the quilting frame.

..and I finished it.
Rosie was my trusty helper.  Here she’s chewing on some scraps.

Sunday I made more masks in an effort to finish them up.  I plan to finish them today.

I also pieced together two backs for quilt tops in the pile.

I didn’t get a lot more done as Karl was home and willing partner to clean up the lawn and landscape and I took him up on the help.

But…I did meet my goal.  I did something towards the completion of a project.

I am so tired of feeling overwhelmed with my sewing room.  I have projects that the leftovers aren’t cleaned up….I have STUFF that just needs to find a home in the sewing room.  I get so busy with the next project that I don’t clean up the first project.  I want to get better at that…

I’m also vowing to finish up projects that I have out before I start new ones.  I love sewing.  I love crafting, but I don’t love my environment right now.

That is going to change.  Is anyone else with me?  I’m doing this full speed ahead all the way to Memorial Day unless by some miracle, I finish before then.  One task in the sewing room every day through Memorial Day.  That sounds do-able.  Are you waging a war with me??