Two More

I made two more recipes today.  First, before even getting dressed, I got the Chicken Cacciatore into the slow cooker.  There was chopping and slicing that needed doing and I like to get it going early so I can get it done and into the freezer.

Once that was bubbling away and I was dressed, I made Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls which is a ground turkey, tomato, and cabbage stew.  When Durwood made it he put in fresh mushrooms so I do that too although I changed the Italian diced tomatoes to a can of Rotel tomatoes with green chilis, give it a little zip.

I kind of ran out of drawing time this afternoon  what with all of the cooking etc.  I took another stab at drawing my hand but it turns out that yesterday's success was beginner's luck.  Both of today's attempts were disappointing. I got to go have supper with LC and OJ, read to them, and tuck them in so I came home and drew a Suess-like bird.  It's not exactly what I had in mind but it was fun.


A trio of Bluejays discovered the peanut wreath this morning and were in direct competition with the squirrels for the peanuts.

The chipmunk must be able to smell when I put safflower seeds in the platform feeder because it's quick to climb the crook and get in there and it doesn't stop until they're all gone.

This white-bellied squirrel spent time on the cob corn in the afternoon.  It would curl up, get a kernel, and then stretch down to eat it while holding on with its back feed.  Very acrobatic.

Today's toss was some more random jewelry that I found in a drawer.  I thought I'd gone through my jewelry last year but I guess I missed some.

The prompt today said to look at or visualize a famous work of art.  What was the artist trying to convey?  I thought of Monet's Water Lilies.  I think he was trying to convey the peace and tranquility of his garden.  The cool blues and greens were enlivened by pops of yellow, pink, and lavender.