Tried + True.

As you have gathered on this blog, when I like something, I really like something and I will often gift that something to friends and family. Below, sharing a roundup of some of my absolute favorite items the tried + true possessions that I implore you (and everyone around me) to test out

+Belif The True Cream Aquabomb. Affordable and so deeply hydrating. I love the gel-like texture that just melts into my skin.

+Love to Dream Swaddle. I dont know how I did not know about this genius sleep sack swaddle! We swaddled micro in traditional swaddle blankets until he was maybe three months and then started using these more and more often. Micro absolutely loved sleeping in these, as he always loved to have his hands up by his face! Now my go-to gift for new moms.

+Kuhn Rikon Swiss Peeler. These inexpensive peelers are the absolute best. Super sharp and easy to wield. Mr. Magpie gets a new one in his stocking every year and scarcely a day goes by without it being used, whether to peel a cucumber or carrot (minis preferred vegetables) or a lemon for a cocktail garnish.

+Stori Drawer Organizers. In every drawer and cabinet of my home! These keep me sane.

+Vintners Daughter Serum. Smells like heaven, balances my skin, and deeply hydrates it. I feel like my skin looks healthier and brighter with use. When I ran out and temporary paused using, my skin immediately broke out I think this really does wonders for acne-prone skin.

+Le Pens. The ultra fine tip point is perfectly suited for my tiny font handwriting.

+La Roche Posay Fluid Sunscreen. I use this daily. It glides right into skin and provides a formidable layer of skin protection.

+Tubby Todd All-Over-Ointment. The only thing that moisturized micros ultra-dry skin. Also cleared up baby acne, helped with cradle cap, and works for diaper rash. Seriously a wunderproduct.

+Superga sneakers. Comfortable, chic, and classic.

+Miele vacuum. An investment worth the price. I was so fed up with our battery-powered cordless stick vacuum. Yes, its compact and lightweight. But it also runs out of batteries before a cleaning session is through and does not have nearly enough power for those of us with dogs and children and all the soot and grit of New York City in our carpets. Easily one of the best purchases weve made this year.

+Dresser drawer organizers. Though I am a very tidy person and have no problem keeping my medicine cabinet, desk, closet, etc very organized, I really struggled with keeping my dresser drawers tidy until I purchased these. I find it much easier to keep up with the Marie Kondo-condoned method of rolling/folding items in third and stowing them in rows versus stacks. I also love that they look built-in to the drawer!

+Sauces and Shapes cookbook. Used weekly in our home. (More of our favorite cookbooks.)

+Le Specs sunglasses. Comparatively inexpensive (under $70, but look designer) and I wear them constantly, even with higher-end options in my drawer.

+Babyzen Yoyo Stroller. Though we have a full-sized Bugaboo stroller that I absolutely adore, the Yoyo might be the most perfect stroller ever made. It is compact (folds up into a square that you can carry over your shoulder), lightweight, has a sun-shade, easy to fold and unfold, and cool-looking to boot. You can even clip the Nuna Pipa carseat into it (which I did a LOT when micro was first born) or add the newborn bassinet attachment. It is pretty much the swiss army knife of strollers virtually perfect for any situation, but especially for urban dwellers like myself.

+Arcona Triad Toner Pads. Love these for refreshing skin at the end of the day. I love using these when Im getting ready to go out in the evening. I clean my face, swipe one of these on, and reapply makeup.

+Nuk sippy cup. The only cup mini would take when we were transitioning her from a bottle. Still used in our household.

+Mr. Clean gloves. These are lined with a velvety material that make them so much more pleasant than your run-of-the-mill cleaning gloves.

+Chantecaille Lip Chic in bourbon rose. My go-to everyday lipstick. The kind of thing you can swipe on without a mirror, and in such beautiful colors. Feels more like a chapstick than a lipstick!

+Molton Brown hand soap. Ive talked your ear off about this one, but they make the greatest scents and are currently on sale for 50% off here!

+Curaprox toothbrushes. My dentist advises the use of soft-bristled toothbrushes so you dont damage your enamel, and I love the hexagonal shape of these because it makes it easier to brush at every angle.

+White utility bins. I use these in our utility/linen closets to keep things like lightbulbs, batteries, dog stuff, etc. in one place. They are inexpensive and easy to keep clean and when lined up, pleasing to the eye. I label each with my labelmaker.

+Alexandre Birman Claritas (on sale!)

+Kissy Kissy onesies. The softest and best-made. I kept all of minis pajamas and onesies and theyve made their way down to micro with nary an issue. We own tons of the prints, but I love a classic solid.

P.S. A few items I couldnt squeeze into the above but that I also love: these packing cubes, this stain remover (will never not buy this, even after my babies are grown the best at getting stains out), crease release, flawless filter (unbelievable not sure how youre meant to use it, but I use it almost like a highlighter over the top of tinted moisturizer/concealer and it is stunning), Drybar mini brush (the best size and wonderful at detangling).

P.P.S. Eyeing this. OBSESSED.

P.P.P.S. Drive gently, dearie.

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