Top trends for 2020

Now that Christmas is over and the New Year celebrations are behind us, its the perfect time to think about the year ahead and what trends are set to take kitchens and the interiors world by storm. We asked three experts for their thoughts on whats going to be big this year

Ben Burbidge of Kitchen Makers ( highlights concealed appliances, natural finishes, handy hardware, smart storage and two-tone kitchens as top trends for 2020. We are seeing a move away from sleek, high gloss, handle-less designs towards painted Shaker styles, says Ben, and the appetite for discreet storage is expected to grow. Concealing appliances can take the form of simple cabinetry to hide a fridge or dishwasher or a design that minimises countertop appliances. A hidden station, which keeps the kettle and toaster from cluttering the worktop and helps to create a dedicated area to sit and enjoy breakfast, will be popular in 2020.

Ben also reveals that this year will see a resurgence of natural finishes, where wood components are left exposed, adding detail and definition to a space. Natural oak drawer boxes, granite worktops and soothing neutrals will be favoured options, he explains. Alongside this, two-tone, contrasting finishes are becoming desirable. Whether opting for contrasting wall and floor-mounted cabinetry or choosing an island in an eye-catching hue, mixing colours and finishes is the perfect way to make a design stand out from the crowd.

Ben also sees a move away from pristine, polished chrome hardware towards easy to maintain brushed finishes in brass, copper or bronze. Rounded edges and softer shapes such as semi ovals and lozenges will prove popular, as homeowners look for subtle ways to differentiate their design and create a charming, softened space that will invite people to relax and spend time in.

Antonia Wheeler, design director of Arighi Bianchi (, shares her predictions of this years biggest interiors trends.


2020 is aboutinjecting the Azure look in homes rich and soothing tones from our precious seas and oceans and finding calm in these times of rapid change. Mix blues and greens that reflect the depths of the ocean for a home full of intensity and interest. Textures are also key within this look plush velvets and natural wood accents take centre stage.

Eclectic Glamour

This nostalgic trend celebrates and reimagines Mid-Century interiors and designs from a bygone era, from the colour palette of the 70s to the scalloped shapes of Art Deco through to 50s signature furniture styles this trend covers it all. Eclectic Glamour is 2020s update to the popular Retro Revival trend of previous seasons; a bold, confident and sassy take on grown up glamour that merges 1930s elegance and sophistication with the opulence of the seventies. It features mixed metallic finishes, rounded shapes, geometric lines, marbles and velvets.There is also a move towards plump furniture, whose curved form sits well with this trend.

Abstract Energy

This stylised trend is about creating avant-garde patterns and layouts that celebrate geometric compositional structures along with intersecting segments of shape, pattern and colour that create a bold, modernist look.Its about being fun and free-spirited, evoking emotion and creating a mood. The trend is inspired by abstract expressionist artwork, incorporating bold geometrics, strong patterns, hand drawn sketches, line drawings and playful colour blocking.

Mindful and Wellness

The wellness trend is about creating an environment that has a positive impact on mental health and mood, a relaxing space where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Mindfulness is a huge thing when keeping up with the chaos of modern day living.Interiors are all about soft and light blues,blush and lavender shadeswith their relaxing and calm approach, representing meditation and escapism perfect for a more mindful way of living.

Natural and Sustainable

Whether natural, sustainable, hand-crafted or locally sourced, as a nation were increasingly demanding interior design with a conscience. Sustainability and eco-friendly products are particularly popular with this trend the most beneficial materials for the environment predominate such as bamboo, wicker and cotton.

Industrial Luxe

Concrete and exposed brick are no longer just for minimalists. We are moving away from the more rustic approach of industrial style by introducing luxury elements such as artisan textiles, pottery, velvet and greenery, which warms without detracting from the rawness. The inclusion of timeless classics also fits beautifully in this theme.


An effortlessly elegant trend that will work in any room, especially large open-plan living spaces. With wood at the heart of this trend, its time to make a feature of the dining table. Pair a solid statement piece with upholstered chairs in a soft, muted tone and finish off with a Scandi-inspired patterned rug.

Vibrant Rebellion

Instantly inject energy into your home with Vibrant Rebellion. This trend gives you the creative freedom to express yourself with next to no limitations.Your rebellion could be as subtle as updating cushions and adding statement ornaments to your living space or as bold as introducing a conversation-starting abstract sofa.


Biophilia is all about creating a sense of belonging to the natural world, and what better way to bring the natural world indoors than through plants. Hanging vine plants look beautiful in a ceramic pot, draped over rustic wooden tables and side consoles, or hung above a window space for added drama. Go evergreen by investing in soft furnishings and wallcoverings inspired by natures botanic colour palette. Or if you prefer to keep your space light and airy, get the look by adding exotic palm print cushions, rugs and curtains.

Rotpunkt, award-winning designer and manufacturer of green German kitchen furniture ( reveals the latest trends ready to influence the future of kitchen design. As we move into a new decade, it is noticeable there is a greater need for creative furniture design that empowers independence and sustainability for the home and end user, says Matt Phillips, head of UK operations. I predict this will challenge preconceived notions about kitchen design to welcome highly progressive, eco-friendly schemes and a need to support broken-plan arrangements and more transformative lifestyles.

Eco-friendly kitchens

As we move into 2020, research shows that eco credentials are a growing concern to the modern homeowner. We are extremely proud that Rotpunkt is able to pledge a zero carbon footprint in 2020, adds Matt, by manufacturing 100% carbon neutral kitchens. Ethical consumerism is set to grow and consequently, premium hypernature door solutions with super-realistic natural effect schemes will replace genuine raw materials without harm to the environment.

Freestyle industrial

This year will welcome industrial-style kitchens that take a more fluid approach to space planning; challenging routine layouts and considering the working relationship between furniture and user. Dynamic cube wall storage systems, feature handles and unique metal, stone and wood effect doors with innovative surface treatments will continue to influence furniture specification.

Super matt minerals

In style for 2020 will be a sedimentary colour palette made up of white and grey to brown and black, along with olive green undertones and shades of stone. In terms of finish, a new generation of high performance finishes will grow in importance, extending the life of kitchen furniture and worktops. For example, Rotpunkts HPL super matt doors offer three brand new colour options for 2020 and their extreme matt surface is designed to be easy to clean, anti-fingerprint and highly resistant against chemicals and UV exposure.


Sophisticated design with increased functionality will continue to infiltrate our homes with smart technology fast becoming an extremely valuable resource to designers in the kitchen. A great example is seen in Rotpunkts automated lighting solutions. Built in, they can be controlled through virtual digital assistants such as Alexa or Siri so you can operate kitchen lighting by voice or remote control.

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