Thorner: America’s Enemy Is China, Not Russia

Op-ed by Nancy Thorner - 

"China is increasingly flouting international sanctions on North Korea and is no longer trying to hide some of its smuggling activity as it seeks to help Pyongyang endure the Trump administration’s pressure campaign, U.S. officials said. For years, sanctions busting has been a cat-and-mouse game for Pyongyang: Ships operating under foreign flags from distant nations turned off their tracking beacons and took circuitous routes to try to avoid detection.  During the past year, however, North Korea-flagged vessels have lugged hundreds of coal shipments to China’s Ningbo-Zhoushan area, according to interviews with U.S. officials and U.S. government satellite photos provided to The Wall Street Journal."
“Chinese-flagged cargo ships, meanwhile, have been traveling to North Korea to take on coal at the port of Nampo, the photos also indicate.  “It is not particularly disguised or hidden,” a senior State Department official said. “The fact that China is making it easier on them makes it a much more reliable revenue stream than they’ve had.  Why should CHINA try to hide anything when they are on the verge of completely dominating America in a way no foreign power has done since the War of 1812 or even 1775?” 

Watch here the video that China doesn't want you to see bragging about spies in the inner circle of this nation.
It has also been reported that China is paying millions to the U.S. to push Socialist Policies.  

China in U.S. government

As Mike Pompeo states:

Indeed, last year, a Chinese Government-backed think tank in Beijing produced a report that assessed all 50 of America’s governors on their attitudes towards China. They labeled each of you “friendly,” “hardline,” or “ambiguous.” 

It's not just “CHINA Joe”, it's the entire U.S. government from governors to legislators, like the latest Chinese sexpot scandal among California Democrats.

We are being asked by our corrupt news media – which is also completely tied up with and beholden to the ChiComs and their economy – to believe that 80 million Americans went out and voted for a mentally-addled elderly circus clown who everyone knows is a corrupt Chinese puppet to be their president.
We are expected to just meekly accept the outcome even though literally everyone knows the election was stolen in front of the world via massive election fraud in Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Atlanta.  It was statistically impossible.    

Now, do you all understand why octogenarians like San Fran Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and Maxine Waters have clung so desperately to their seats of power despite barely being able to keep their dentures in their mouths?
Now, do you all understand why the Democrat Party fixed its nomination process for Joe Biden of all people?
Now, do you all understand why the Democrat Party was willing to literally steal millions of votes while we were all watching and why its propagandists in the corrupt news media have happily turned every one of their “news” outlets into carbon copies of the Socialist Workers Daily and Pravda?
It’s all about China. It has always been all about China, and if Joe Biden takes the oath of office on January 20 of next year, we will all ultimately become all about China. 
Puppet Biden made a complete fool of himself when he didn't know the cabinet office or name of the official he was nominating, Xavier Becerras.  But Biden did that before the election, even admitting he was the figurehead of the greatest vote fraud operation in the history of America. 

Sidney Powell is right, computer vote fraud was used by the CIA to rig elections overseas, and they certainly didn't care if the same companies they set up used it to rig elections here.
Supreme Court denies request to overturn PA's election
As Trump's lawyer Jenna Ellis said in her Twitter feed about the Supreme Court denying the request to overturn PA's election results:  "The Supreme Court only denied emergency injunctive relief.  In the order, it did NOT deny cert."
In order to force a delay in certification of the Electoral College on December 14 because legislatures stupidly forfeited their right to stop automatic certification by other parties, we are down to the following: 
1. “Several states have filed Amicus Briefs in support of the PA Republican Party on the grounds that SCOTUS should grant certiorari to uphold the Constitution’s command that it is the legislative branch of each state, not the judicial branch, that determines federal election rules. The states are OK, IN, KS, NE, TN, WV, MO, IL, AR, FL, KY, LA, MS, SC, SD and TX.” 
2. “Texas Sues Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin for Unconstitutionally Changing Election Procedures.”      

Trump has joined the Texas U.S. Supreme Court case contesting the election along with 18 other states, 19 including Texas. 

Trump has also asked Senator Ted Cruz to argue the Texas election lawsuit in front of the Supreme Court.    

Latest of “no evidence” and “lies” that major media ignores or smears
“Georgia Election Official Caught on Audio As He Is Saying That Counting Would Stop At 11:00 PM Only To Continue Counting Ballots Until 1:00 A.M.”
“In the interview with the Georgia Senate, a Dominion related individual stated that Dominion accessed Georgia voting machines remotely.” 
So we are now to believe that in Fulton county, Georgia, where a video shows 23,000 ballots brought out from under a counter, we'll not be able to find out how those ballots got to the machines to be counted until the day before the inauguration for President, January 19, 2021?
As to Dead and Absentee voters, 2060 dead and Absentee voters were verified in Wayne County, Michigan.  How many more are there? 
And what about Whistleblower Jesse Morgan, the contract USPS driver who verified shipping hundreds of thousands of ballots into Pennsylvania but is now being harassed by the Felons Bureau of Iniquity, as well as his family?
As Mr. Morgan said, "It doesn’t happen. It does not happen. Trust me. It doesn’t happen. I’ve never had a trailer just go MIA on me. I never, in my whole career, had that."  Morgan's trailer has not yet been found.
In New York, local CBS reporter Josh Rosoenblatt said on Twitter: “WOW: Justice DelConte casually mentions an additional 12 ballots were found in Chenango County in a drawer last week.” . . . “This is on top of the 55 ballots I reported were found last week, now making it 67 found ballots.”  That could affect a race where the GOP congressional candidate holds a slim 12-vote lead.

As of December 9, 2020 is will be even more difficult get reports out about election fraud, when YouTubeannounced it will block and remove content that contains statements “alleging widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of a historical U.S. presidential  election.”   
Elites are no longer hiding their agenda

Announced on December 8, 2020: “The Roman Catholic Church and more than 100 of the world’s largest investors and companies launched a Council for Inclusive Capitalism at the Vatican seeking fundamental economic change. Organizations with $10.5 trillion in assets under management, $2.1 trillion of market value and around 200 million workers in 163 countries are participating, “under the moral guidance of His Holiness Pope Francis,” the Council said in a statement.  Council founder Lynn Forester de Rothschild said in an interview that the body is focused on measurable actions for “true system change,” connected to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

In September 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). “Building on the principle of “leaving no one behind”, the new Agenda emphasizes a holistic approach to achieving sustainable development for all.”
Should Biden become president, his progressive, leftist agenda will be in compliance with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be reached by 2030, the year when "our glorious one world government is scheduled to start," in contrast to Trump's America First agenda during his presidency.
As is evident by legislators such as AOC, the elites are no longer trying to hide their radical agenda. 
With their hatred for Trump, might the elites far better enjoy being the slaves of Russia, Islam, or CHINA.