This time of year is always exciting

The crisp, cool weather sets in and the leaves change on the trees. Fashion trends move towards dark lips, nails, and cozy knits, and the countdown to the festivities tentatively begins. But as well as updating your wardrobe and makeup bag, it’s worth making changes in the home too so that it’s ready for the months ahead.

Here’s how to prep your home for the changing seasons with these decorating tips and make room for some lovely fall decor!

It’s so easy for our homes to collect clutter. We tend to have new things coming in all the time, and with a limited amount of space you can find the place becoming packed to the rafters unless you get rid of things on a regular basis. Set time aside to declutter your home properly at least once a year (but ideally, every season). Start in the attic and work your way down through each room, not forgetting the garage and shed. Get rid of clothes you don’t wear, go through drawers and cupboards and throw away junk. Get yourself some big boxes and label them ‘donate’ ‘give to friends’ and ‘sell’ to make your decisions easier. With Christmas around the corner, chances are you’ll have lots of lovely new items entering your home that you and your family have been gifted by loved ones, so now is a good chance to make space for new fall decor and get rid of what you’re not using. 

Clean and organize 
Once you’ve got rid of things you no longer need, you can organize what’s left. Purchase containers, drawer dividers, storage bins and boxes to maximize the storage space that you have. Make sure everything has a home, as it makes cleaning and tidying so much easier. Deep cleaning involves working through the tasks that don’t need doing every single week- hire a carpet cleaner, wash your curtains and cushion covers, empty all of your kitchen cupboards and scrub inside them and pull out large items of furniture to vacuum and dust behind them. The house will feel so much cleaner and fresher. 

Improve the decor
A clean and tidy home is so good for your mental health, the only trouble is a nice organized home can highlight any areas of decor that are looking a little shabby. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint if they need it, and consider replacing your feature wall wallpaper if it’s looking a little dated or worse for wear. Maybe you could introduce a new color scheme into the home that’s suitable for the season- golds, reds, and terracottas work well or you could go with a shade like navy or khaki. If the rest of your home is neutral it’s easy to switch out the accent color by purchasing cushion covers, vases, lampshades and other fall decor items in that hue. 

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Add festive items
Decorating your house with fall decor to celebrate the season is always fun and something that’s especially nice if you have children. Since we’re at the start of the autumn you could go with an autumn theme- a homemade autumn leaf wreath on the door, some orange and red candles in autumnal fragrances and uncarved squashes and pumpkins arranged on windowsills and shelves are all examples. As we approach Halloween you can make things a little more spooky, carve up the pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns and add some Halloween decorations. Then of course when it comes to Christmas your options are endless when it comes to lights, your Christmas tree, and seasonal decorations. 

Make it cozy
Now is the time of year that’s all about coziness. So spend time making your property feel as homely and cozy as possible. Soft furnishings like cushions, throws, and rugs add sumptuous textures. If you have a log fire then you could light it in the evenings. Fairy lights can be an effective way to decorate and won’t necessarily look Christmassy if you want to use them before December. Candles and other seasonal scents will help to create ambiance and add another layer of homely coziness too.
Get ready for winter
If your home feels a little cold and drafty, it might be worth doing some renovations and repairs before the really cold weather sets in. Fill in cracks around windows, have your loft insulated and purchase some lined curtains which will all help make the home feel warmer.  
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