This Astoundingly Simple Hack Will Double Your Fridge Space

Double Your Fridge Space

Even when it seems like theres no free space left in your fridge, theres likely some free vertical space that you arent taking advantage of! Stacking items is the best way to make the most of that vertical space, but what if those items arent easily stackable?

This is a common fridge organizing conundrum, and its one Ive faced dozens of times in my own fridge. But I recently came across a brilliantly simple hack that solves this storage problem!

And the best part? All you need is a pair of chopsticks! :-)

Double Your Fridge Space

How To Use Chopsticks To Double Your Fridge Space

To stack items in your fridge, simply lay a pair of chopsticks across the top of an open container. The chopsticks will create a sturdy surface that will allow you to stack something else on top!

Double Your Fridge Space

How clever is that?! Even though I have a set of stainless steel mixing bowls with lids (read more about those here), there are plenty of occasions where I have other containers I need to fit in the fridge too.

Double Your Fridge Space

This hack is going to make is so much easier for me to fit more in the fridge, especially on those occasions when Im feeding a crowd. (If only I had known about this fridge organization hack during the holidays!)

In addition to helping solve your fridge storage woes, there are plenty of other useful things you can do with chopsticks! Here are 7 more compelling reasons to stash a supply of chopsticks at home!

Double Your Fridge Space

Bonus: 7 More Creative Uses For Chopsticks

1. Drying Rack

Dont have quite enough room in the drying rack for all dishes you just washed? Set a towel on the counter, then set a pair chopsticks on it side-by-side with a couple of inches between them.

Set your clean glasses upside down on the chopstick, and theyll be able to drip dry while you dry off the other dishes in the rack.

2. Clean Crevices

Wrap a damp cloth around a chopstick to help clean nooks and crannies around the house. Use it to clean air vents, faucets, the rim of your Instant Pot, and more!

3. Support Plants

Young plants sometimes need a bit of support until they are ready to stand on their own. Fashion a simple plant support by sticking a chopstick into the soil next to the plant, then using a twist tie to loosely secure the stem to to the chopstick.

4. Pit Cherries

If you have a chopstick handy, you dont need a dedicated gadget just to pit cherries! Place the end of a chopstick at the stem end of a cherry, then push it through to force the pit out the other end.

5. Stir Paint

Forgot to grab a paint stirrer when you were at the hardware store? You can DIY one by holding a pair of chopsticks parallel to each other, and save yourself the second trip!

6. Level Flour

Keep a few chopsticks in the same drawer that you keep your measuring cups. A chopstick is the perfect tool for leveling flour for baking!

7. Clean Shoes

Worried about tracking mud, snow, or dirt onto your clean floors? Keep a spare chopstick by the doors to your house! You can use them to scrape any offending substances off the soles of your shoes before you walk inside.

Double Your Fridge Space

Share your clever chopstick hacks in a comment below!