This $13,000 Hammock Comes With Its Own Camper Trailer

TAXA Outdoors partners up with a hammock-industry titan to update car camping as we know it. Say ‘hi’ to the Limited Edition Kammok Woolly Bear camper trailer.

Just when you think outdoor brands have covered all possible angles, something like the Kammok Woolly Bear rolls up. Kammok makes high-end hammocks. TAXA Outdoors manufactures mobile campers.

So this year, the two Texas-bred companies buddied up to create something familiar but new: the hammock camper. It’s bright, it’s built for anything, and it’s basically a small house. Is it a $13,000 camper-relaxation suite? Or is it the world’s most expensive hammock and free camper?

OK, it’s really mostly the first one — but no matter how ya slice it, this is what we know so far about the Limited Edition Kammok Woolly Bear camper.

Kammok Woolly Bear Camper Trailer Features

Kammok Wooley Bear Camper Trailer Composite (photos/Nate Simmons, Backbone Media)

The TAXA team describes the limited-edition Woolly Bear as a “utility trailer that can seamlessly transition from off-the-grid basecamp to tailgate must-have.”

And judging by the long feature set, this hammock camper trailer has enough space and functionality to satisfy a village:

  • Full-size outdoor kitchen
  • Pull-out cooler drawer
  • Multiple storage systems
  • Elevated platform (fits most 3-person tents)
  • Outpost hammock stand
  • Mantis all-in-one hammock tent
  • Roo Double Hammock

For added durability and performance, TAXA fits each Woolly Bear with Goodyear DuraTrac wheels and tires.

Availability & Pricing Info

kammok woolly bear camper trailer (photo/Nat Simmons, Backbone Media)

The Limited Edition Kammok Woolly Bear hammock camper is available now for $13,715. TAXA has lowered the initial deposit on all Kammok-edition Woolly Bears for a short amount of time to just $500. You can learn more and place your order at

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