The Weekly Ramble 2

Hey Hey friends!

How was your week? Mine was productive. I thrive on productivity #notkidding I love making lists and crossing things off. I am a GSD kind of girl. What does GSD mean? #getshitdone but within reason. Setting yourself up for daily success is key. You will see what I mean at the end of this post.

I am so grateful next week is Thanksgiving Break! My kids need a break, the teachers need a break, and honestly everyone needs a break! Karl is off the entire week too! Karl and I were discussing what should we do every day? We are not traveling anywhere as we are hosting Thanksgiving. We decided that we will just decide every morning next week (after CrossFit of course:) what we will do. Like most families, we are on the go constantly and it is kind of nice to just BE and DO whatever at a slower pace next week.

This week I have a tip, a recipe, and my new planner I am stoked about! Seriously excited about it! Here goes.

Organization why didnt I do this sooner?

If you dont know I have twin boys. They are so fraternal it is not even funny. They dont look alike at all, their personalities are completely different, and they are NOT the same size anymore. Chance was always a bit bigger but not in the sense that I had to buy 2 separate sizes but now I have to buy a smaller size for Colin. Chance is taller and weighs more and Colin is shorter and weights less and will probably be in a booster seat until he drives! #justkidding

I always loved to dress them in the same outfits but that went out the window about a year ago when they started with their own fashion sense. And by fashion sense I mean athletic pants and graphic shirts. That is all these boys want to wear and I am ok with it. Since we keep a capsule wardrobe over here because I wash everyday, they only have 5 pairs of athletic pants since they wear those most and 2 pairs of dress pants. I had all the athletic pants in one drawer. The last few weeks, mornings have been hectic because they have been fighting over pants. Chance will bounce out of bed faster than Colin so he will take whatever is in the drawer first and then the fight starts Colin is very particular and wants a certain pair of pants and Chance could care less. Chance doesnt care if his pants or shirt is backwards or inside out, but Colin does care.

I shop at Kid 2 Kid quite a bit. Not sure if they are everywhere but in our local area there are 2. Kid 2 Kid is a kids consignment store. I love this store! Kids grow so quickly and are barely in a size for a long time. I sell back our gently used kids clothes, shoes, toys, etc. and I use that store credit to buy new clothes for the kids. Reese has outgrown Kid 2 Kid (she now says its childish) but it is great for my boys, Riley included. Why pay high price for something they are going to grow out of in a few months?

I went to Kid 2 Kid and bought pants for Colin since he needed them. I had him try them all on to be sure they fit. I then divided the pants between the them and reworked all the dresser drawers so now they each have their own drawer (I labeled them nothing fancy as you can see with post it notes) for their pants. This system has been life changing at 6:30 am this week without any fighting #postitnotesforthewin


Its been cold in the ATL so I have another soup recipe to share this week. Who likes wedding soup? I grew up eating wedding soup. We ate it all the time! My mother would even make it as a first course before any holiday meal #notkidding Growing up Italian there was never a shortage of food. It was everywhere. If we had 4 for dinner, my mother would cook for 20 #stillnotkidding

Why is it called wedding soup? Here is the definition from Wikipedia: The term wedding soup comes from the Italian language phrase minestra maritata (married soup), which is a reference to the flavor produced by the combination/marriage of greens and the meat.

You can find my wedding soup recipe (tweaked) to make it low carb/Keto. Check out this blog post for the full recipe: Frans wedding soup


NEW Calendar/Planner 2020

My favorite thing this week!! My new 2020 planner!!! I love a calendar!! How about you? Yes. I still use a paper planner because I need to see the entire week/month at a glance and you cannot do that on a phone. I use my phone for a lot but not the calendar. The only time I use the calendar is if I need to invite Karl to something because he lives by his electronic calendar. I found this planner at Staples. It had the last 3 months of 2019 so I have transferred everything over and am already using it and loving it! If you saw my Instagram stories this week I showed the planner therePlanner reveal

I LOVE that it has the days of the week AND the appointment times so I can schedule and see the entire day. I am also a fan of setting yourself up for success meaning dont schedule so many things in a day if you know you are not going to get them done. Having only 3 things to get done will set you up for success so you can see your productivity and feel good about getting your day! My 3 things are pulled off a bigger brain dump list, which of course that list is never ending and I bet it is for you too! Do you use a planner/calendar? If so which one? I would love to hear!

Thats it for this week! Are you liking these weekly rambles? Let me know in the comments. I have more organization and fitness tips coming soon!


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