The Best Holiday Gifts for Foodies (Updated 2019!)

These Perfect Holiday Gifts for Foodies are amazing ideas for just about anyone! Whether you're looking for stocking stuffers, Secret Santa gifts or a big gift for a loved one, these foodie gift ideas include something for everyone.

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

How to choose gifts for foodies

Hey everyone! I'm here with the BEST EVER holiday gift guide on the blog, and it's for the special foodie in your life! I know I'm publishing it a little bit early but I wanted to pop in with some food gift ideas ahead of time because we all know how crazy the holidays can be and this way you can start ordering things NOW to get ahead of the holiday rush.

Let's face it, all of us spend at least a little bit of time in the kitchen each week even if it's just to boil a kettle full of water for some tea, or boiling water for a quick pasta dinner. And then there are those of us that go even beyond the basics and love diving into the world of Instant Pot cooking or experimenting with the latest kitchen gadgets like the Airfryer. Maybe you're shopping for an avid baker, or someone who's constantly got too many fresh herbs on the go in the fridge.

Whatever the case may be, I've scoured the internet for all things cool in the world of food-related gadgets and have rounded up some of my favourites some of the items in this Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies are even on MY wishlist this year so you can rest assured that you will find something for everyone on your list.

What's on this list?

Whether you're looking for cheap, small gifts like stocking stuffers, or a big ticket item for that special someone, or even if you don't know what you're getting your Secret Santa this year you will find a variety of different foodie gifts that are sure to surprise and delight this holiday season!

Please be aware that most of these links are affiliate links, meaning I will make a teensy tiny commission if you purchase through my links this is money that helps me continue to provide free recipes for you But seriously though, most of these gifts I have either purchased for loved ones myself (someone *might* just be getting an Instant Pot from me this year hehe) or they are foodie gifts I'd like for myself, they all look so cool!

So what are you waiting for?! Get your holiday shopping on! It's so much easier when you order from Amazon too not crazy shopping runs to the store last minute, just gifts delivered right to your doorstep. Living in the city and walking everywhere this is actually how I shop these days, hah!

Bonus gift ideas not linked below

If you're looking for more gift ideas, here are some I have not linked to below they are just general ideas to get you started!

  • Recipe magazine subscription
  • Grocery store gift card
  • Hello Fresh or Good Food boxes
  • Macarons, fancy chocolates or other desserts
  • Uber Eats gift card (for those inevitable nights you want takeout)
  • Specialty hot sauces, crackers, gourmet food items that are local to you
  • Food and wine tour (odds are a local company or winery will offer gift cards for this)

This knife sharpener keeps your knives at peak performance and is a must for any true foodie.

A mixology set is the perfect gift for the amateur bar tender in your life!

These cocktail mixes are super fun and will help you make all your fave classic cocktails in no time!

A cheese knife set is perfect for entertaining!

These electrolyte packets are perfect for staying hydrated without all the sugar that comes with Gatorade or Powerade. Plus the packets travel easily so you can take them with you on hot days or add some to your water the day after a crazy night out

These foldable water bottles are perfect for hiking and music festivals!

These Moscow mule mugs are a great addition to any bar cart this is my brother's fave cocktail! Use this gift idea as inspiration for other types of specialty cocktails like bloody marys, martinis, etc.

These reusable metal straws come with a cleaning brush for that eco-conscious loved one who is trying to move away from plastic straws.

A garlic press is a must for any kitchen, and this is my absolute favourite one!

These large ice cube trays are perfect for cocktails and iced coffee so they won't water down your drinks!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

The Bialetti Pasta Pot lets you drain noodles without a colander. Say hello to saving space in the kitchen with this one pot option and say goodbye to washing extra dishes. How genius is this?!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

This 3-in-1 SuperPot with Grill Plateis perfect for camping trips or cooking on the go know someone who travels a lot but loves cooking their own food? This is the ideal gift for them!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

This Infusion Pitcheris such a genius way to flavour your water naturally and super easily without getting all the pulp floating around. And the best part is, you can keep replacing the water in the pitcher without having to replace the fruit every single time!

This Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Platesis perfect for the messy foodie in your life you can remove the plates and put them straight into the dishwasher so clean up is a breeze and you can get back to eating waffles ASAP!

Dressing Emulsifier

This Dressing Emulsifieris amazing for mixing up your favorite homemade salad dressing and storing the mixture without the hassle of separation. Combine vinegars, oils, spices and seasonings in your dressing completely evenly.

Kombucha Starter Kit

This DIY Kombucha Starter Kit is perfect for the kombucha addict in your life (ummm, hello, ME!). This organic raw kit provides delicious brewing flavors to experiment with and is sure to be a fun project in the making!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

This Spice Tower is perfect for neatly storing all your dried herbs and spices so you can finally clear out that messy cupboard and get your spices accessible in plain sight (I should know, I've got the messier spice drawer at home)

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

This Indoor Herb Garden is perfect for growing delicious fresh herbs year round! Never run out of fresh basil, cilantro or parsley again and save tons of money each week by growing your own!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

This Kitchen Conversion Magnet is a brilliant way to convert different measurements when you're cooking on the go. I never know what grams, ounces or pounds areunless you tell me in cups or mL I'm screwed LOL. Let's just say this magnet comes in handy and is right there when you need it!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

This Produce Keeper is a great way to waste less fruit and vegetables. It's a great storage system to better organize your fridge and the carbon filter traps and absorbs ethylene gas, slowing down the aging process and reducing spoilage of your produce. So smart!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

This Dry Pasta Measure comes with different holes which make it easy to measure pasta portions for one, two or three plus people, and the fork at the end can be used to mix the pasta while cooking!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

Keeping an Oil Mister on hand helps prevent you from buying those aerosol cooking sprays and allows you to use your high quality olive oil and turn it into a spray!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

These Refillable Coffee Filterss work perfectly with KEURIG machines and are a great way to save money on new pods, enjoy other types of ground coffee and are much better for the environment since you're re-using them!

Meal Prep Bowls

Obviously these glass Meal Prep Bowls are a staple in my house and for good reason: they're microwave and dishwasher safe so you can reheat your leftovers in the same container, and they're a great alternative to plastic containers.

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

I already have a Mandoline at home, but I wish I had found this one when I bought mine because of the container that catches your sliced veggies. It's a great way to get even slices and dices of fruits and veggies I use mine to make perfect tomato slices and cut up potatoes for fries among many other things. This mandoline also comes with a mini spiralizer totally wish I had bought this one!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

Okay, let's be real: these Coffee Syrups aren't exactly the healthiest BUT they are on my Christmas list this year because I love making different kinds of iced coffee and they're a great way to save money on coffee runs. Maybe file this under the coffee lover's gift guide haha!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

These Non-StickEgg Rings shape perfectly round fried or poached eggs for delicious breakfast sandwiches and healthier low-fat cooking using less oil!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

This Mocubo Cutting Board with Prep Storage has three prep drawers that pull out so you can slide food in after you have finished chopping it perfect for stir fries, pastas, curries and just about anything you can think ofI need one of these in my life in case anyone wants to buy me a little somethin somethin

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

The Philips XXL Airfryer has to be one of my new fave kitchen appliances! Make homemade chicken nuggets that taste just like fast food but using almost no oil! Enjoy your fave fried foods made MUCH healthierand the XXL is the perfect size for meal prepping or busy families!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

These Beeswax Wraps are a great alternative to plastic wrap. They're reusable so they're great for the environment and they are so cute!

The Le Cruset Dutch Oven is coveted by pretty much every foodie out there. You get the superior heat distribution and retention of Le Creuset enameled cast iron and it withstands temperatures up to 500 F so you can switch it from stovetop to oven no problem!

With an Imperfect Produce Subscription, you're helping to save the 20% of fruits and vegetables that never leave the farm just because they look a little different. You can choose custom boxes and rest easy knowing you're helping to reduce food waste and still getting great produce in a customized box for a reasonable price!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

The Vitamix is the god of all blendersseriously. I have one from the Ascent series and it's the most powerful blender I've ever ownedand trust me, I've had a lot of $50 blenders in my life that have gone in the garbage. My Vitamix tears through ice with ease and blends up beautiful soups, smoothies and sauces. It's like a blender and food processor all in one so while it's pricey, it's well-worth the cost.

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

Butcher Box is an awesome meat delivery services that operates as a monthly subscription. You can choose from high-quality grass-fed meats and free-range poultry, and it all gets delivered frozen so you can restock your freezer for meal prep. It saves you time at the store and money on high-quality proteins.

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

These Funny Tea Infuser Shapes are perfect for tea lovers and are a quirky, affordable gift to give when you have just plain run out of ideas!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

This Herb Keeper and storage container will keep those bunches of herbs fresher for longer and it's the largest herb keeper available on the market so you can keep a couple bunches in there at a time.

Now what would I do without my Instant Pot?! This appliance has changed the way I meal prep: I do all of my batch cooking virtually hands free in one big pot so there's less clean up and hands on cooking time. It's basically like a slow cooker that cooks FAST!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

And of course for the foodies who already have an Instant Pot, you can get them a Instant Pot Cookbook! Or just browse my archives

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

The Shun Premier Santoku 7-Inch Knife has been on my wishlist for a while nowit's the sharpest knife out there (I personally want it for slicing raw fish and things like tomatoes with more precision) and its blade even reduces drag when cutting, which keeps food from sticking to the blade when you're slicing and dicing. I need one ASAP!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

Giving someone a Hello Fresh Subscription is basically the equivalent of buying them a meal plan and groceries! Know someone that struggles with these two tasks but still wants to cook at home and eat healthy food? Get them a Hello Fresh subscription!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

The SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker is your answer to alternatives to sugar-laden sodas! Make your own custom flavours at home and rest easy knowing you're indulging in a much healthier flavoured beverage.

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

The KitchenAid Mixer is another coveted item most foodies would love to get their hands on specifically the bakers out there! Mix together batters, sauces and doughs hands-free and you can buy different attachments (like the spiralizer attachment) for different purposes too!

Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

The Silpat Baking Mat is a non-stick silicone baking mat that replaces the need for butters, oils and parchment paper. It also helps foods and baked goods brown more evenly.

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