Textured polka dot utensil holder

Theres something about the new year that makes you want to de-clutter, clean and organize. So Im so excited to share this post with you because my friends have come up with some amazing organizing ideas. As for me, Im going to give you a couple of tips on how to organize your kitchen drawers as well as how I made this adorable textured polka dot utensil holder.

Make sure you check out all the great ideas at the end of this post. Organizing and decluttering can be overwhelming and time consuming but the end result can be so satisfying. So its important to set small goals. Maybe allow one day to clean one drawer, then another day a second drawer etc. Fortunately, because drawers are small, it doesnt take too long and its usually a fairly easy process. Here are some of my tips to organizing my kitchen drawers:
1. Empty one drawer at a time and give it a good clean.
2. Use a drawer liner . I usually get mine from The Dollar Store.
3. Insert utensil organizer or plastic trays.
Here is a great drawer organizer because its expandable and should fit most drawers.

4. Time to sort things out.
Make three piles: one to keep, one to toss and one to donate.
When deciding what to keep, ask yourself the following questions:
When was the last time I used this?
Do I have more than one?
Does it function/work well?
Do I like it?

5.Once youve decided what to keep, move on to the next drawer. You will probably find duplicate items as you organize the other drawers.
Its time to place everything back and organize all like items together.
6.Place like items in the most logical place. For example, utensils closer to the stove, tea towels closer to the sink etc.

I usually try to keep my counter tops as empty as possible, except for the kitchen utensils I tend to use the most and so its important for me that the container is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. So I made these two adorable containers using Dollar Store vases and little wooden buttons I found at Michaels.

I used E6000 to attach the buttons to the glass vase.

I spray painted one black and one white because I wasnt sure what color would look best. I ended up displaying both of them on the counter but I think I prefer the white one.

Which one do you like better?
I hope you found some of those tips useful. A big thank you to Ahsley and Janine for hosting this hop.
See you all soon. xo

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