Surrounded by the best people!

Friday 23rd July 2021
Your health is your wealth!

Cracking day at the huddles yesterday, I'd say yesterday was all about work but it's so damn enjoyable, work seems like the wrong word to use, even the stuff I do at home on the laptop is stuff I enjoy doing and know it will help others so enjoy it even more.  The members are supporting us so much and for that we are beyond grateful!  I'm working on meal ideas and meal plans, after all let's be honest yeah we all know your heads gotta be in the right place to lose weight but when it is, you want to know WHAT to eat, because you've eaten badly for so long or too much, that you could use a little help.  We like to talk food in our huddles that's for sure, we really do, after all it's the one thing we all have in common and Elle and I want our members to be their own experts, work on their own solution - we're all different aren't we, Elle likes cake, I like wine, we wouldn't want to switch diets! 

We both enjoyed pizza for tea last night, the lovely Louise bought us samples from her family chip shop, thankfully they were the smaller ones not a huge on, donor kebab on a pizza - who knew!  The scary thing was that the base alone worked out at about 700 calories (OUCH!) thankfully there was no alcohol consumed by me last night so I made it to the end of the day within my allowance. 

I managed a little lie in 6.45, that's helped me catch up a little on sleep, this weather is stopping me from sleeping, I'm tossing and turning with the heat, then Alfie woke me at 1am to go up the garden, he's suffering to, so I wasn't angry.  I've just heard there's flood warnings for today, a bit of rain would be nice but floods can be very dangerous, so stay safe everyone. I was contemplating giving my new BBQ a go but now I'm not so sure!  We shall see...

There's at least a cool breeze this morning, it was unbearable yesterday, the worst I've felt since this hot weather started, I felt sick in the car driving on the afternoon, I put a wet towel in there for Alfie, thankfully Bloxwich only takes about 15 minutes to get to, he's good as gold in the car, he really is.

Friday, is my day off huddles, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself but I do know I'll enjoy it whatever I choose, loving my life  right now.  I've got a olive tree to repot, I want it to grow bigger and it's not going to in the pot it's been in for the last few years.  Ain't my life rock and roll - I bloody love it. 

Who knew I'd start thinking about lowering my alcohol intake and upping my fibre lol, I was just shy of the recommended 30g yesterday, it's not as easy as it looks I have to say, but as I empty the freezer of all that processed food I indulged in when mom was still alive, I'm replacing it with healthier stuff, frozen fruit will definitely fill a drawer at some point to make smoothies etc, I have noticed it gives me acid though, so not sure what the solution is there, I think it's the fruit anyway unless it's the milk?!

Okay, I'm off, things to not do, places not to be :) 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx