Stunning bathroom vanity with wood slab top and stone basin

We had this installed as part of a new home build but did extensive research to have it all come together.

ikea hemnes white bathroom vanity with wood slab and stone basin, below a gold gilded mirror
Required materials:

HEMNES 4-drawer sink cabinet from IKEA
A treated solid timber slab
Stone basin
Wall taps
Waste for the stone basin
Space saver for plumbing to the wall

IKEA HEMNES bathroom vanity with wood slab & stone basin

The HEMNES 4-drawer sink cabinet doesn’t come with a countertop and is made for a double sink. That wasn’t my vision.

I wanted a timber countertop.

The installation of the sink cabinet was per IKEA instructions. Our builders cut the wood slab to size and attached it to the vanity with small brackets. Since it is used in the bathroom, we got a slab that was treated.

As for the plumbing, it needed some creativity.

If you look online for space savers for plumbing (waste) you will find a variety of items where you can direct the water from the basin diagonally along to the back wall, which allows for free movement for the drawers.

Other than that, our builders did the usual plumbing installation: cut a hole in the timber slab for the drain pipe, setting the sink and sealing everything well.

This is a solid vanity and we adore how it all looks together. 

stone basin on wood slab next to wall taps

Another wood slab and stone basin for the second bathroom vanity.

stone basin on wood slab next to wall taps

Vanity $400 and $350
Timber slab Queensland Maple treated $800 each
Basins $200 each
About $100 for plumbing waste and space saver

~ by Regina Meyer. Follow me @reginapetrameyer

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