Stove Burner Over Heating Update ~ When the Burner you Can with Over Heats ~ Electric Stove

My husband is pretty smart.  He said it was the control from the knob to the burner causing the burner to over heat.  I watched some YouTube videos on replacing the control board.   Then we watched more YouTube videos regarding only one burner over heating, and saw that it may be the "switch" to the actual burner.  

I located our stove model number by pulling out the bottom drawer.  The sticker was inside the side of the drawer.

Once I found that, we ordered a new switch.  Note:  The switch to the larger burner is different than the one to the smaller burner.  Make sure you order the correct switch per your stove model/make etc.

Amazon had switches as well, but we read the model numbers, and our model was not listed.  We purchased our switch from a parts store online.

Cost:  $28.89 plus tax and shipping (shipping was $8.88)

We had a file for books like this, but that system was a fail.  We now put them all in a clear small tote, so we can find them when we need them.  YouTube was the best source for help, but it helps that my husband's job is electrical repair work.

Look at the upper right side of that switch.  There is a burn mark on it.  I now have it replaced, stove burner works great again, and I am thankful for my husband's knowledge and my persistence watching YouTube videos

Here is the How-to Video link I showed my husband.

There are YouTube videos to also help you find the model number on your electric stove.  You will need that to order the correct switch.  Then search the internet for part stores, that will accommodate your stove.