stiff textile material for simple underbed "drawer"

I have a 90cm x 200cm bed in a corner of my room. I want to use the floor beneath it as storage, but in a way that I do not need to crawl under it to get the stuff in the corner. I have a PVC floor; textiles generally slide well on it - e.g. bed sheets, socks, or carpets without anti-slide coating.

Is there any type of textile (e.g. carpet) that is so stiff that it can be both drawn and pushed back without losing its form? Or is there a simple way of making such a thing?

I would put that thing under the bed and my stuff to store on top. No heavy things; just bedclothes, blankets and clothes inside light boxes and bags. Then I could use it as a simple drawer and the need to crawl under the bed would be gone.

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