Stack of recipes you have printed and not tried yet? Read on!

Ok, I have a problem! I search recipes on Pinterest, I follow chefs, I Google recipes, I browse on Allrecipes and so many other amazing sites. I check the ratings, then I print them. But the pile of printed recipes keeps on growing and growing! Here is my pile, and this is just part of it!

I put a cup next to it for scale, but there are more in binders! I have them hidden everywhere, like a person with an addiction! In the kitchen cupboards, in the junk drawer, in my office and even some in my planner and purse! My name is Jacquie and I am addicted to collecting recipes. I have an eye for good recipes, but when will I try them? I have my tried and true recipes that I use, and that my friends ask me to bring along to parties. It is almost like they are asking for the dessert to come and I am just an accessory!

So I have made a plan, I will go through my pile, cook or bake to my hearts content, ask friends opinions of the recipes, and report back to you and see what you think!

My cat Emmie will join the journey, as her favorite pass time while I am in the kitchen is to lounge around within view and oversee the progress of my kitchen creations.

Here she is on her favorite chair, relaxing and wondering what is going on!

See you next time,