Sobro Smart Side Table with Cooling Drawer Review

Sobro Smart Side TableJoin me today for a look at the Sobro Smart Side Table with Thermoelectric Cooling Drawer. Ive been testing this feature-rich and very cool (in more ways than one!) table for the last week or so, and Ive formulated a number of thoughts about it. The long and the short of it is this: I like this table! But to find out all the reasons why, youre going to have to keep on reading. Learn all about the many features and benefits of this stylish and ultra-modern table below.

Sobro Smart Side Table Features & Specs

Sobro Smart Side Table
Angled view of the Sobro Smart Side Table with its underside light lit up

The Sobro Smart Side Table is an incredibly unique bedside (or couch or chairside) table. For one thing, it has so many un-table-like (not even close to being a real word!) features that one would hardly suspect it was a table at all just from perusing its specs list.

Among these unusual features and functions are a built-in Bluetooth speaker, a motion-activated front-facing floor light, an accent light in the back that can glow in a wide range of colours, a wireless charging pad (with room for 2 phones at once), and a number of other power outlets (including USB and USB-C charging ports and a 120V power outlet thats perfect for a lamp or laptop computer).

The Sobro Smart Side Table also has its very own free app (called the Sobro App) for both iOS and Android based smartphones, a small digital (wireless) clock that is powered by the table itself (just by sitting on it), an open-faced shelf in the front/top of the table (an excellent place for your laptop), a storage drawer thats perfect for smallish items (like books, DVDs, or personal items), and it even has a thermoelectric cooling drawer for all manner of snacks and beverages.

The dimensions of the Sobro Smart Table are (given in centimetres and inches respectively) 59.69/23.5 wide, 53.34/21 high, and 48.9/19.25 deep. This size makes the Sobro table ideal for pretty much any bedside, just as its style and form make it perfect for any modern decor

My Time with the Sobro Smart Side Table

One thing that was both impressive and annoying about the Sobro Smart Side Table was how well protected it was by a thin plastic coating

Getting started with this table is relatively quick and painless. Taking it out of the box at first seemed like it would be a bit of an ordeal, yet all that was required was to pull some plastic stoppers out from the side of the shipping box and the entire top lifted right off. Quick and easy!

Once this was done, I had to peel the thin layer of protective plastic off of the sides, top, and front of the table. Though its a thin layer, theres still a lot of this plastic when you add it all up. While some people may not like this much use of packaging, it certainly goes a long way toward ensuring that you receive a 100% ding free table, which I can certainly appreciate.

The Sobro Smart Side Table comes with 2 complete sets of different sized legs, so you can make it higher or lower

The table also comes with 2 full sets of legs (of differing lengths). This allows you to set the tables height at one of two possible levels. I chose the shorter legs because I thought that the resulting height went nicely with the futon that I placed the table next to, but for a regular-sized bed (or a couch) I probably would have used the longer legs. Either way, its nice to have the option, and either set of legs screw into the bottom of the table in just seconds.

Once the table is fully in place and plugged in, you just need to download the Sobro App and get the table connected to your smartphone. This requires first connecting it to your homes Wi-Fi signal, at which point you are likely to experience a brief firmware update before youre fully up and running.

The table comes with its own digital clock that is powered by the table itself just by sitting on its charging pad

Once all of this was complete, I was ready to begin enjoying the table, and I must say, I certainly did like having it around! Although the testing period was brief, I did manage to try most of its features and can report having no serious issues or problems with the table whatsoever: the lights light up, the cooling drawer cools, and the very cool clock you see in the photo above seems to come to life all by itself!

Examining the Video Evidence

Please take a couple of minutes to check out my brief video overview of the Sobro Smart Side Table. In it youll see plenty of up-close footage of the table, hear all about what it can do, and hear a few of my general thoughts about it as well:

Final Thoughts

Sobro Smart Side Table
This table has both a refrigerated drawer (on the left) and a general storage drawer (on the right)

The Sobro Smart Side Table(which comes in a variety of colours) is certainly the most unique and unusual table I have ever encounteredand not in a bad way either! Every bed needs a bedside table, and this example from Sobro is just about as good as it gets. I really enjoyed having it here, and I would certainly like to have such a table myself someday. If anything, I might actually make it a little less smart, because it has more features than I find necessary in a table (like the Bluetooth speakers, which are fine, but are they really necessary in a table?).

Sobro Smart Side Table
Here is a look at all of the attractive colour options you have with the Sobro Smart Side Table

In any case, if you dont have a bedside table for your bed or a nice end table for your couch or favourite armchair (or are just looking to get a new one), you really cant go wrong with the Sobro Smart Side Table. Its modern, attractive, and it does more things than a trained circus performer. Highly recommended!

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