Sharing My Own Apothecary

After Starting My Own Apothecary and multiple reminders from my amazing subscribers, I am finally sharing the end result of my very own apothecary. My original aspirations for its design are quite different than the way it actually turned out, but I am deeply satisfied with its beautiful, simple, and practical design. I hope you like it!
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Why an Apothecary?
I explain in my first video entitled, Starting My Own Apothecary, that I like functional but practical design. An apothecary is a charming and beautiful aspect of design but it also is practical allowing me a place to blend and store my medicinal herbal blends and teas. I feel as though this section of the house has a little story and explains how my house is used and that health is important to us. It is also another excuse for me to talk about tea with guests who may be curious about the apothecary.
The Benzara Console Table is a rustic 5 drawer apothecary table that I purchased from Amazon and for reasons described in Starting My Own Apothecary, I would not recommend that you purchase it (even thought I truly love the design). I had to do some repair work on the table and I even decided to line the drawers with a vinyl so that if there are any oil, wax, tea, or tincture spills then I could easily wipe them up.
I hope that seeing my very own apothecary inspires you to either create your own blending space within your home. As you can see, it doesn't have to be a lot of space, but just enough to try out new teas, medicinal blends, tinctures, and oils. Be sure to let me know what you think about my apothecary in the comments below!
Do you blend your own teas or herbal remedies?