Recipe: Easy Garlic Knots

A perfect snack or side dish!

We’re back with another crescent roll favorite – garlic knots! We made these for the first time just a couple weeks ago, and they were so good we had to share the recipe ASAP. These garlic knots are super easy to pull together as a side dish, appetizer, or just as an afternoon snack. All it takes is crescent roll dough, minced garlic, butter, and your favorite herb blend (we used Italian herbs – 10/10 would recommend!).

The realities of college cooking…

We’ve posted on here before about how great crescent rolls are to have on hand, and this recipe is just one more example of what a delicious and versatile ingredient they are. Anytime you find them on sale, make sure to pick up a few containers. They’ll last in the fridge for ages and you can do so much with them! For this recipe, we used one container of crescent rolls to make eight garlic knots. We’ve been buying fresh garlic at a local market ($1/bulb!) so we minced our own to make these, but pre-packaged, refrigerated minced garlic works great too. The butter and herbs were ingredients we already had in our dorm kitchen. Italian herbs and butter are both great to have on hand since so many recipes call for them – pick up some herbs the next time you’re at the store, and keep your packet drawer fully stocked with butter!

They were so good, we only managed to snap a few pictures before they were gone!

Garlic Knots (makes 8) 


  • Crescent rolls ($2.19/container)
  • Butter (substitute vegan butter if desired) (packet drawer or $0.76/eight knots)
    • To taste; we used approx. ¼ of a container or 10 packets
  • Minced garlic ($0.10/clove) 
    • 2 cloves
  • Italian seasoning  ($1.29/container) 


  • Sheet pan ($5.00) 
  • Microwave-safe bowl ($1.99) 
  • Cutting board ($4.00)
  • Knife ($3.99)

Open the crescent rolls and separate the triangles of dough. Form each triangle into a long rope, tie them into knots, and place them on the sheet pan. In a microwave-safe bowl, dump butter, minced garlic, and italian seasoning and microwave until butter is melted entirely. Stir to incorporate everything and drizzle butter mixture on top of the knots. Bake according to directions on the crescent roll packaging.


<3 Juliana and Sarah