Project Start and Finish

Yesterday I told you about shopping at Maker’s Market in Sumner Iowa.  I just love going there.  As I told you, it’s really my favorite vintage store.  But, as much as I love going there, I always end up a little disappointed coming home.

I can’t help to think a bit to myself, “Why don’t you make that??  Why don’t you decorate a little more?”  When I see all of the super cute crafted items, part of me always kicks myself with me thinking why don’t you make those things…you love them, but you just don’t make them.

Here is the truth.  I can make them.  I just don’t take the time to do it.  Instead, I get wrapped up in a quilt and sucked in and the things I’d love to do for myself often get left behind.

Here is the thing I’ve learned about myself…I don’t make a conscious decision about what I’m sewing.  I see the pattern for the quilt Bitcoin come out.  I think how fun it would be to sew and I start sewing it.  Then I’m stuck sewing it.  Don’t get me wrong…I want to sew it but I get sucked into it before I really prioritize and decide what I want to sew.  UGH.

I think what I’d REALLY like to sew is some smalls.  Remember Craig hung this for me??  I want to make some things to hang from this.

Remember my dough bowl??  I want a table runner under it.

SO…on Saturday, I decided to push everything else aside and DO IT!  It was time to make a small for me.  So I dug into my half-square bonus triangle leftover from other projects…and I sewed this little topper together.

I was going to machine quilt it on my domestic machine but decided to put it on the longarm instead.

I bound it right away.

I ran downstairs and put it right where I designed it for…PERFECT!

Oh my…I was so happy.  Now, why hadn’t I made something like this before?  Those bonus triangles were sitting in the drawer for a couple of years.

So Sunday came around and I was still on my little high from being at the vintage store and making the little table topped that I decided that I was going to make another.  This time a runner.  I dug around and found more triangles.  The other triangle had all the same red…these didn’t.  These were more scrappy but would work just fine.

In an hour or so, I had a top.  I loaded it on the longarm…

Bound it…

I am super happy with this one.  The lighting wasn’t the best in this picture but you get the idea.

Kalissa stopped by and I showed her.  She told me she liked it and thought it was perfect.  I could easily use it with my Valentine decor or my patriotic decor.  YES!!  That’s awesome.

So…that’s the two small things I made.  I am so glad I took the detour and made something for me…something small for once.  Mary at Country Threads is going to be so proud of me.  She gives me a hard time for making all of my projects so big.  Neither of these is big.