Organising under the kitchen sink

I detest the ugly plumbing pipes under the kitchen sink so I was determined to find a way to hide them as much as I possibly could when I was working on organising the space. As part of my new years resolution, I also decided to go a bit more chemical and waste free, so I had to focus on creating a storage solution that would now house that change adequately.  Here’s what I was working with:

As you can see by the very uneven holes I attempted to drill into the cabinetry, power tools are not my strong point, so I opted for a ‘no build’ option.


Here is what it looked like before. (Man it felt good to throw out all that plastic and go environmentally friendly) I actually stored all my towels, dish cloths and sponges in another drawer because the sink was so awkward.

Since my pantry circulated the world wide web, I learn something about my self; I really like to make all my storage spaces ‘pretty’ and ‘themed’ (to my taste of course), but the overall organising principles still stand. I decided to take a much more neutral approach for this space because it’s small and I didn’t want it to feel as cluttered.


I used two K-Mart ‘bits and bobs’ shelves and had a piece of timber cut to size from Bunnings, which I covered in vinyl, so I could run it across and double my storage. I then used acrylic bins which used to be in my fridge; to store my dishcloths, dish sponges, beeswax wraps,  bin bags, and paper towels.

I purchased the glass bottles (from pack my product) and labeled them accordingly to house my home made kitchen cleaning products (you can find the details and labels here) and stacked them on some styrofoam I cut to size (left over from the fireplace)  to replicate the K-Mart three tiered shelf which did not fit there because of that damn pipe.

Cleaning Product Labels

I still need to label all the drawers.

Home Made Cleaning Products

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