My Bridesmaids Pajamas + Wedding Day Getting Ready

So this post started as just sharing the pajamas for the girls, but I decided why not just include the rest from the morning of us getting ready! Plus, these photos are amazing (I am biased), but you're going to love it!!!

 All photography: Michael Justin Studio
Fun fact I woke up this morning with a huge swollen eye with a stye on it, and I was like wtf. If this were a week before, I would have been freaking out, stressing, crying... but it was literally the morning of my wedding, and I thought it was kind of funny.

My body was shutting down and revolting against me, haha. But like what are you going to do?? I was compressing the crap out of it all morning with a warm washcloth as I was sitting behind the kitchen island as not to be seen by Andrew.

There are some photos where you can tell, but I personally think no one will be able to tell unless I point it out. Thank goodness for makeup! Thankfully my eyelid was just more swollen then a bump or even a stye head. We just place the eyeshadow in just the right way lol.

The morning started with everyone getting their day of gifts (which I covered in this post). I told the girls to get changed and get ready with me in the bathroom. I switched out of my robe (c/o Roller Rabit) and into my silk chemise and pearl cape.

I knew I wanted something super elegant and unique for getting ready and totally admit to it being very extra, but like if there's any day to do it -- today is the day! I was looking all over on Etsy and similar sites for something different, special, and fun. I knew I wanted to do some kind of robe/open gown/cape but just didn't know what!

Then I saw Amanda Jones on the Alexandra Grecco Instagram page wearing this amazing pearl and tulle cape, and I just knew I had to have it. To be totally honest, it was completely unnecessary because it was very expensive and custom made... BUT I do not regret buying it for a second. I went to Lovely Bride when they were having an Alexandra Grecco trunk show and was able to get a small discount, but it was still something probably not needed in the overall budget I had for myself. I think I went home that day and listed a bunch of items to help ease the pain lol.

Since I knew I'd be wearing the cape, I tried to plan for what I'd wear under it. I ordered silk PJ sets, a ton of different dresses (blue, white, long, short), and ended up picking this silk chemise. It was an appropriate length, it felt good on, and it went really well with the gown! My runner up dress was this midi from J. Crew Factory, but it didn't look as cute for the day of. But I did end up wearing it to our party back at home!

In terms of accessories, I wasn't planning on wearing anything, but I stumbled across these beautiful Miu Miu blue mules, and I thought they would be so cute as a little touch of blue during the day. I obviously did this without thinking because they turned out to be like 2 sizes smaller than my shoe size, but I didn't even realize it until a month after the wedding! Go figure.

Then, by chance, I happened to buy these Jennifer Bher earrings (because I liked them) about a month or two before the wedding, and they just seemed to match perfectly with my new shoes. So that's how the whole look came together.

As for the girls, I gave them these Roller Rabbit pajama (c/o) sets, and I LOVE how they turned out. When I was planning for the girls, I knew I wanted something different. I've seen all the robes out there, and I just knew (from personal experience) I never wore them after. So I went to my PJ drawer and gathered inspiration for what I love and use. Then I narrowed it down to either Roller Rabbit or Eberjey sets.

And I spent maybe like .2 seconds on the site before finding the Amanda Lulu Set in the most amazing color and pattern -- I just HAD to have them!! And I'm so glad we did too. They look fantastic in photos, are so soft in real life, and, most importantly, are comfortable. And for my mom, I gave her an Eberjey-esque set from Target that she loved. I knew for the moms, I wanted them to be different from the girls!

For my flower girl, I got her this cute little silk robe from David's Bridal (c/o) that says flower girl on the back. And for her headband, it was actually a belt from this post earlier in the year. I just thought it would look so cute in her hair!

Once everyone changed, we met up in my bathroom (which had amazing natural lighting and was big enough for us all!) and started to get ready. We were listening to music, talking, laughing, and just enjoying the day. I think this was my favorite part of getting ready too! Just having the girls with me was so special.

As you probably know, I did my own makeup and hair for my wedding. That was always my plan, but I could not have been happier that I did it. I love how everything turned out, everyone was fine with it too (in terms of moms and the girls), and everyone WAS SO PRETTY!!! I feel like we all looked like ourselves, which is what I wanted.

Just like at my sister's wedding, I also did my mom's makeup. It was a special thing we're able to do together and just have that one on one time to do so. I gave her an all-natural (no powder) look that just complimented her features without drowning her in cakey makeup.

I'm planning on having a makeup tutorial soon for what I used. For my hair, I pulled it back into a mid-rise ponytail, and my sister and Caitlin helped braid it and twist it around. I was kind of worried because I have layered hair and every style I do, I have little hairs poking out. If I remember correctly, I got inspiration for this from Instagram (I'll have to find the photo), but I loved how the braid looked in a bun and talked about it with my hairstylist, and he agreed it would be best. And that's what we did!

Then we snapped some photos, exchanged gifts, and got into our wedding attire -- which I will save for next week! Forgive me for taking so long to get everything out, it's been a weird time as of late!