Mm, Cornbread

I made the cornbread to take to The Clearing to have with tomorrow night's chili for supper. I found a recipe that let me use the half-and-half that I had on hand so it didn't go to waste. It was very tempting to just lop off a corner to taste but I resisted. I made two pans just in case it is very popular. Besides there are nine of us and one pan is nine pieces. Can't run out, what if someone wants seconds?

Drawing went a little better today or maybe I was in a better mood. The name of this figure is I.Q. Icon. Looks like Einstein to me.

Then I turned to the next page in 10 Step Drawing Nature and it was a dragonfly. I was a little intimidated but I took it step by step and think it turned out okay.

I turned to the next page in the daily art book and was really intimidated by what it said. The assignment for the day was to go to a museum or exhibition and use colored pencils to draw things seen there. No way could I go out in public to sit and draw something in front of me. People would look over my shoulder and see what a terrible drawer I am. Nope, not doing that. So I took a bowl that I got from Lala for Christmas, set it up on a couple books, and drew that. Hey, at least I drew something out of my comfort zone but in the privacy of my own safe, little home.


A Robin had an enthusiastic bath today. I missed the bathing part but caught the preening and fluffing part. I wish I enjoyed taking a shower as much as Robins like baths.


Look what I saw. See those little green lily shoots? They're coming up in the flower bed next to the patio. It faces north so it doesn't get the sun and heat that the front bed gets but things are happening there too.


Today's toss was the last box of razors. I should probably comb through the places I went through before and see what else I missed.

Tomorrow I leave for three nights at a writing retreat at The Clearing so I probably won't be blogging every night. Maybe I'll log on once, I don't know, using my phone as a hotspot uses a lot of data but I'll for sure be back on Thursday night.