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If you are looking to buy a Miele refrigerator for your kitchen, you have several good options to consider. Depending on your taste, and available space, choose either a bottom freezer or the classic French door Miele refrigerator. You can even go bigger and create a massive food storage unit using the elegant Miele integrated column refrigerator and freezer.

To make your choice an easy one, we have reviewed the various Miele styles and models, carefully selecting the best in each category. We have also included a list of best Miele refrigerators on the market and essential information you should know before buying a Miele refrigerator. Let’s ride!
Overview of Styles and Models
The Miele refrigerator line cuts across certain styles and types. Miele makes both freestanding and built-in refrigerator models. You may also prefer the panel-ready finish (for a seamless finish) over the elegant stainless-steel finish. Here’s a quick overview of the different Miele refrigerator styles…

Miele French Door Refrigerators
A French door refrigerator offers better convenience and space flexibility than the traditional side swing doors. You could fit them into a corner of the kitchen without the wall preventing you from opening the doors fully.

Miele has some French door refrigerators, like the 36-inch KF2981VI, which is true built-in at 84-inch height and 24-inch depth. You get to choose between the elegant stainless-steel model and the panel-ready version for better customization. There is also the 80-inch tall double drawer version.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
Bottom freezer refrigerators offer better space flexibility than their side-by-side refrigerator and top freezer counterparts. Thanks to the compressor mounted under the refrigerator, bottom freezers typically have a larger storage space than top freezers.

Miele has a couple of good bottom freezer refrigerators with excellent price points. There is the 36” bottom mount true built-in refrigerator at 24” depth and 84” height, the 30” double drawer refrigerator, and the 24” freestanding apartment size. Miele offers options for the design finishes, too, letting you choose between the stainless-steel finish and the panel-ready finish.

Integrated Columns – Refrigerator and Freezers
Miele does not manufacture 42-inch or 48-inch refrigerators with freezers. But to make up for this, Miele has integrated columns that can form unique configurations with an all refrigerator and an all freezer. You can mix and match these products which allows you to expand your food storage to the size that fits your needs.

For a smaller kitchen, you can combine the Specialty 22-inch fridge and the 22-inch freezer column to get a sizeable 44-inch storage space. You can also create a large food storage by combining a 36-inch fridge with a 36-inch freezer or a 30-inch fridge with an 18-inch freezer column. The space flexibility these integrated columns offer makes them perfect for customizing refrigerator space.

Miele integrated columns have different size options. For the refrigerator, you have the 24-inch, 30-inch, or 36-inch width options. The freezer column options include the 18-inch, 24-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch width sizes. Miele integrated columns are true built-in at 24-inch depth and 84-inch height. You can also choose between the stainless-steel finish and the panel-ready design finish for a seamless kitchen design.
Interesting Features Shared Across All Styles
Miele has some features that are present across all styles and in all models. Some of these features are unique to Miele refrigerators and give the company the leading edge against other refrigerator brands in the industry.
Push2Open door feature, which makes the refrigerators perfect for a handleless kitchen design. You only have to press the door at the front, and it will open. Dual Compressors provide better cooling and distribution of cold air inside the refrigerator. High-grade airflow and filtration which limits odors inside the refrigerator, thanks to the combination of chitosan and active charcoal. This feature is boosted in some models by the DuplexCool Pro, effectively blocking air exchange between the fridge and the freezer. High-quality ice production (up to 150 ice cubes per day). Brilliant and redesigned LED internal lights. The FlexiLight feature present in select models eliminates glare too. Crisper bins for humidity control, keeping fruits and veggies fresh always Excellent water filtration (water and ice are filtered) SoftClose hinges for smooth closing of the refrigerator door and to keep items from falling over.

Is Miele Refrigerator Worth It?
Miele is one of the top premium kitchen appliance brands in the industry. With this reputation, you are guaranteed better appliance reliability. Besides that, investing in a Miele kitchen means having firsthand access to better quality, premium features, and better performance.

Here are the main reasons why you should consider a Miele refrigerator:

High-End Refrigerators with Offers at Different Price Points
With Miele, you are assured of high quality and a premium fit and finish. Unlike its close competitors in high-end segment such as Thermador refrigerator or Sub Zero fridge, Miele offers products at different price points. As an example, the 24-inch apartment size Miele KFN13923DE refrigerators starts at $2,899.

Better Kitchen Integration for a Seamless Finish
Just like most high-end kitchen appliances brand, Miele refrigerators are true built-in and readily integrates with your kitchen cabinets for a seamless finish. You can choose the panel-ready door finish to match your cabinets and watch your kitchen radiate elegance.

Design and Storage Flexibility
With Miele, you can easily create your desired storage space by combining two Miele integrated columns. For a smaller kitchen, you can combine the Specialty 22-inch fridge and the 22-inch freezer column to get a sizeable 44-inch storage space. You can also create a massive food storage unit by combining a 36-inch fridge with a 36-inch freezer or a 30-inch fridge with an 18-inch freezer column.

Miele also offers you better design flexibility than most other refrigerator brands in the industry. You can opt for a French door refrigerator or a bottom freezer depending on your choice and location within the kitchen. You also get to choose between the stainless-steel finish and the panel ready finish.

Proven Miele Quality with a 20-year Lifespan
Miele represents quality, innovation, and reliability, and the company is not ready to compromise on that standard. Your Miele refrigerator has a lifespan of twenty years, six years more than the industry average. With Miele refrigerators, you will not spend as much on repairs as you would for other refrigerator brands.

How Much is a Miele Refrigerator?
Miele is one of the top high-end kitchen appliance brands in the US. The Miele refrigerators offer a variety of options and price points between the freestanding and built-in models. The company is known for its innovation, unique design, product quality, and product reliability. Miele refrigerators are manufactured to this remarkable standard, and their excellent performance keeps customers desiring more of Miele.

Here is an overview of Miele refrigerator prices. Keep in mind that Miele's seasonal promotions might save you 10% in a kitchen package that includes a refrigerator.
MODEL FEATURES PRICE 36-in French Door in Stainless Steel or Panel Ready, 20 cu. ft. from $7,099 36-in Bottom Freezer in Stainless Steel or Panel Ready from $8,799 30-in Bottom Freezer in Stainless Steel or Panel Ready, 16 cu. ft. from $8,199 Column Refrigerators 24-in, 30-in, 36-in width, Panel Ready from $7,299 Column Freezers 18-in, 24-in, 30-in, 36-in width, with or w/o External Dispenser, Panel Ready from $6,699 Apartment Size 22-in to 24-in width in Stainless Steel or Panel Ready, 13 cu. ft. from $2,899 Under Counter Wine 24-in width, in Black from $3,399 Miele Refrigerators and Wifi Connectivity
Miele is one of the few names within the kitchen appliance industry to introduce wifi connectivity in their refrigerator line via the "Wifi Connect" smart app. They are yet to introduce cameras to their refrigerator line. Still, the internet connectivity feature is a big plus in Miele's favor.

Are Miele Refrigerators Energy Efficient and Quiet?
Yes. Miele refrigerators are energy-star certified, thereby saving you a lot in energy bills yearly, and keeping the environment clean. As is evident in the bottom-mount models, Miele refrigerators are quiet too.
Best Miele Refrigerators
Here are the best Miele refrigerators for your kitchen:
1) Best French Door Miele Refrigerator: KF2981SF Miele KF2981SF
The 36-inch Miele KF2981SF easily beats other Miele refrigerators to the top of our list, thanks to its French door design. But besides the added convenience that the French door brings, the KF2981SF has other exciting features that make it stand out from most other Miele models.

The MasterFresh feature maintains the interior of the refrigerator at an optimum climate. This allows you to store food items inside the KF2981SF for three times longer than other refrigerators would. The refrigerator also has the DuplexCool Pro feature, which blocks air exchange between the fridge section and the freezer section.

Other features of the KF2981SF includes the automatic icemaker that produces up to 150 ice cubes daily, the MasterSensor feature for better temperature control, and the Wifi Conn@ct feature.
2) Best Bottom Freezer Miele Refrigerator: KF2801VI Miele KF2801VI
The KF2801VI is our top bottom freezer in the list, packing nearly all the features of the K2901VI French door refrigerator. With a 30” width, the bottom freezer can handle the storage needs of a small household.

The KF2801VI comes equipped with the DynaCool feature, which makes it better at air circulation than some other similar bottom freezer refrigerators. Just like the 36” French door model, the KF2801VI also has the MasterFresh system, the MasterSensor controls, and the DuplexCool Pro. It also comes with an automatic ice maker that produces 150 cubes of quality ice daily.
3) 48-inch Side by Side Miele Refrigerator Freezer Columns: K2801VI & F2411VI Miele K2801VI
The Miele 30” refrigerator column easily pairs up with the 18” freezer column to give you a sizeable storage unit. The resulting 48” storage set can comfortably handle the storage needs of a relatively large family.

Besides the extra storage space, both columns share a couple of exciting features, which include the MasterFresh system, MasterSensor controls, and the Wifi Conn@ct feature. The K2801VI is equipped with the DynaCool feature, which circulates cold air uniformly inside the fridge. The F2411VI freezer column comes with an automatic ice maker that produces up to 150 cubes of ice daily.
4) 72-inch Side by Side Miele Refrigerator Freezer Columns: K2901VI & F2911VI Miele F2911VI
The 36-inch K2901VI refrigerator column easily pairs up with the Miele F2911VI freezer to give you a sizeable 72-inch food storage capactiy. This provides more than enough space for a large household.

Both columns have the MasterFresh cooling system, which keeps items inside the refrigerator set fresh for extended periods. Also, both the fridge and the freezer have the DynaCool airflow system for better circulation which means longer preservation. The K2901VI comes with an automatic ice maker that produces up to 150 cubes daily. This set comes with wifi connectivity.
5) Miele PerfectCool 24” Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Miele KFNS37692IDE
The popular 24” KFNS37692IDE has a total capacity of 8.2 cu. ft. And is perfect for a small apartment with moderate storage needs. Being the only PerfectCool series refrigerator on our list, the KFNS37692IDE has a lot of features that are unique to the series. This includes the PerfectFresh Pro cooling system, a plumbed ice maker, and bottle fins.

Just like some of the other refrigerators in the MasterCool series, the KFNS37692IDE has the DynaCool airflow system for better circulation, FlexiLight glare-free lighting, and the SoftClose door feature. Finally, the KFNS37692IDE is designed to accept a custom panel, which gives your kitchen a seamless finish.
Miele refrigerators have some strong points that set them apart from similar models from other brands. They are very reliable, have excellent design styles, and the DuplexCool Pro feature enables them to store food items for more extended periods than other refrigerators.

If you love wifi connectivity in all kitchen appliances, then a Miele refrigerator is an ideal match. The Wifi Conn@ct feature enables you to remotely control the refrigerator and also get access to notifications and status updates. Although, we wish that Miele refrigerators incorporated an internal camera. At the moment, Miele remains one of the best refrigerator brands, and we hope to see future models with interior cameras.
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