Making Two Apartments Into One Colour-Rich Home (With Floor Plan)

This 156.8 square metre home design project presented the task of uniting two separate apartments into one new residence. Visualised by Bureau Slovo, glazing around the perimeter of the property became the major feature of the reimagined abode, and so wall decor was kept minimal and white. Furniture and textiles fulfil opportunities for added colour, exploring a palette of warm coral, pale green, and hazy light blue. Furniture silhouettes and finishes are on-trend, boldly delivering curves, fluted texture, and swathes of wood grain. You’ll find an equally stylish kid’s room on board too, where unique accessories make up a creative playspace. Stay till the end for the floor plan.

The light-filled living room features a host of creative and colourful furniture pieces, from a pale green curvaceous sofa and a contrasting modern lounge chair to a Hay Bowler side table and stylish coffee table.

A Muuto Kink vase adds a drop of blue to the stone coffee table, whilst floor-length drapes hang warm framing around large living room windows.

The wood herringbone floor in the living area stops short of the home entryway, where it is replaced by a durable white floor tile. A chic stool is set in front of a custom-cut floor-to-ceiling mirror to fashion a convenient dressing area by the front door.

The stool matches a modern console table on the opposite side of the entryway. A round mirror and sconce provide wall decor, whilst a small flower vase adorns the top of the unit.

The lounge is separated from the kitchen by a partition wall with a rounded edge, which serves as a TV mount on both sides. In the dining room, a black racetrack dining table is encircled by richly contrasting upholstered dining chairs.

A pair of dining room pendant lights evenly light the length of the modern dining table.

A narrow nook is cut into the attractive partition wall to accommodate a tower of decorative shelving.

The dining chairs complement coral kitchen cabinets and a colour-matched full-height backsplash wall.

A carafe and glass tumblers bring fashionable fluted texture to the table, which tie in with the dining table’s textured base.

The kitchen wraps around the dining area in an L-shape, changing suddenly from coral to pure white. Even the integrated oven is quietly soaks into the solid colour-blocked effect.

On either side of the tall white appliance housing units, glass doors are cut into elegant arch shapes.

The glass doors give access to a pale blue butler’s pantry, which is fitted with base units, open shelves, and a handy sink.

The modern kid’s room is cheerfully bright, thanks to radius panoramic glazing. A bespoke wood veneer headboard wall smoothly curves between two green wardrobes. Round wall art is illuminated at its centre.

A unique green kid’s seat matches with the wardrobes and a set of green toy shelves. A coral rug and a Flowerpot ceiling lamp brightly match the bed.

The toy storage area was designed to be easily removable, eventually to be replaced with a desk when the child is older.

In the kid’s bathroom, matt porcelain tiles of different dimensions form a modular backsplash.

The round  bathroom mirror is mounted above a novel vanity unit, which has a drawer pull that resembles a cute smile.

The bathroom vanity lighting is a Balloon pendant light by Studio Word for AGO.

The unique bathroom sink provides fun contrast, whilst a white wall mounted tap blends into the background.

In the home office, an Eames bird occupies a floating storage unit, beneath a pair of eye-catching coral wall shelves.

The desk is pulled up to the window where the owner can admire the city view.

A coral desk lamp brightens up the wood and stone desk design, and a comfortable swivel chair slides in a purple accent.

Inside the master bedroom, a green bed sets the colour theme.

A decorative mirror makes minimalistic wall decor above the modern upholstered bed.

Various lighting options serve different purposes and moods. A matt varnished-fabric bedroom pendant light in the centre diffuses a cosy light. LED pendants by the bedside are adjustable for warmth and coolness of tone. Directional lamps supply focussed task lighting, whilst recessed spotlights take illumination into the corners of the room to chase away the shadows.

Special rounded room corners are emphasised by terrazzo skirting.

A rotating door gives entry into a terracotta closet.

The vanity table enjoys another city view.

There are three bathrooms in the renovated apartment, each with a different aesthetic. The master bathroom is a laconic design with a custom-made green-tinted shower screen.

A bold stone vanity unit dominates the space.

A backlit mirror softly illuminates the full length of the double sink bathroom vanity.

The WC area retreats into the shadows.

Light blue walls and a matching ceiling create a breezy aesthetic in the guest room. The bedroom rug adds cosy patchwork pattern.

The central light fixture is the Bell pendant light by Jacob Rudbeck Andreas Lund for Normann Copenhagen. Petite modern wall sconces illuminate each bedside.

A floating console unit is perfectly colour matched with the pale blue walls.

Blue tones add a calming look to the WC side of the guest bathroom too, whilst the other half is colourless around a modern pedestal sink.

A secret door leads to the laundry room and on into the pantry.

The bathroom is at one end of a circular route through the technical rooms, with the kitchen at the other.

The technical route means that the living space can be completely bypassed if required.

Floor plan.

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