Make Your Job On the Road Easier: Discover the Convenience of Moduline Trailer Cabinets

It does not matter what type of work you do. Your trailer travels with you. Your trailer is the packhorse and holds all the tools necessary for your job. No one can afford to have their tools and other equipment breaking due to bouncing and falling all over the trailer. With Moduline’s aluminum cabinets for trailers, you can keep all your tools locked away and safe. Cabinets for trailers and vehicles are what we help you in planning your perfect layout, and we make quality products that last a lifetime.
Quality Materials
We craft all our cabinets with military-grade aluminum and high-quality hardware. Our anodized aluminum frames are constructed with reinforced corners and our doors are double-walled for maximum rigidity so your cabinets will last a lifetime.
Storage for Tools and Equipment
All cabinets and drawers offer plenty of room for tools and equipment. Upper and lower cabinets are also available. Cabinet doors come with trigger latches and optional key locks, and drawers feature our patented Quikdraw® single-action latch system to keep all your tools securely in place when traveling down the road.
Making Space to Work
Not only can Moduline provide cabinets and drawer storage, but we also have aluminum countertops that will work for any space. These are durable and lightweight, easy to keep clean, and allow plenty of room to do the work you take pride in. 
Lightweight to Save on Costs
Our aluminum trailer cabinets and drawer units are lightweight, so it will not increase your expenditure on gas costs hauling a heavy trailer.

We also offer a lifetime guarantee on our cabinets. Our craftsmanship and materials are backed by our guarantee. The lightweight aluminum products from Moduline can help keep your tools and other equipment protected against breakage and give you the organization you need for work.

Call and talk with our cabinet experts at 1-888-343-4463 to discuss your layout and choice of cabinets today.