Made A Few Cards & Read a Book 8th

First of all I must say Thank You for everyone who commented on posts and I didn't get round to replying especially on the book posts. Several people said they got ideas for reading which is good news. Also "Bye" to people who've un-followed (not that I'm counting or checking of course!)


 I call this cheats card making as it's basically just sticking toppers and 3D Decoupage sheets onto card blanks.

I think these are from bits picked up at boot-sales, but can't remember finding the cat-on-armchair sheets at all and no picture of them in any posts with 'Carboot Bargains' or 'Charity Shop Finds' labels. The teddy card 3D sheets made a card for Middle Grandsons 2nd Birthday next month and  came among a bundle from a friend for Christmas.

Next I have a bundle of Christmas Card decoupage cards to put together. They must have come from a boot sale sometime too and were in the drawer underneath the cards I had ready to send out this year. It's odd that I can't remember where these came from either and also no photos..They were all muddled up in a plastic folder, so after sorting out there was enough  to make 8  cards. I need to get busy with the sticky fixers next week.

  I've also got  some Christmas bits and bobs that came from my friend for Christmas along with the teddy decoupage above. This is all looking hopeful for not needing to buy any Christmas cards this year! 










The first book read in 2022 was this, which has been sitting on shelves for a year or so. It will go on the pile for selling when I've collected enough to make it worthwhile sending them. I'm determined to move books out as well as buying.

Details on the Books 2022 page


That's what I've been doing this week along with a shopping trip for fresh fruit and veg, some cleaning,washing and ironing, one morning up the road at The Old Schoolroom for WI Knit, stitch and natter group -I'm  just knitting a dishcloth - and a day of driving and looking after Eldest Granddaughter and a day of recovering from driving and looking after EG!

Have a good weekend
I'll be back Monday