Living in urban area makes us hard to build a house

One of the best options to live is that staying at an apartment. Furthermore, a modern apartment with small space but functional treat you to be more efficient. Even if you still raise your family, this apartment is nice. The combination of white, black, and occasional accent colors spruce it up.

A modern apartment with muted shades and simple design create an easy movement. The owner applies modern furniture items for a cozy living room design. There are couch, a round table, ottoman, and simple geometric patterned rug.

This long area provides you anything you need for life. Let us see a living room with shades of muted color, a black dining set, and cooking space that are in a great combination. The application of white hues on the walls is brilliant.

Look on the wall, colorful artworks come to add beautiful accent for this space. Then, a hanging pendant lamp over the black dining set is awesome with peach color that cohesive with a blanket on the couch. White curtain makes you easy to keep privacy.

See on the kitchen area that looks modern, neat, and clean. The owner chooses to apply blue hues for cabinet and the drawers under the sink. Then, white marble tile countertop comes contrast but eye-catching.

Take a rest at this bedroom will give you calm and piece atmosphere. See a colorful artwork over the bed that adds artistic value to this sleeping space. With white and black stripes wall color, it tells us about elegant touch but stylish as well.

White bathroom will work well with any furniture color, but here the owner applies black tile on the shower room and black drawer under the sink.  Even black shelve with mirror as well. This bathroom doesn’t need large area to build.

With a desk attached to the wardrobe, you can erase it when it is not in used. This home office nook is completed well pink chair to look attractive. The location is near the window to attach plenty natural light.

Luckily, this apartment allows you to have another room to sleep. This bedroom is pretty calm with white and grey colors for wall. The black headboard blends with black side table. Then, wooden floor finishes this design to look simple and cozy.


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