It turns out that small, seemingly meaningless solutions can make our lives much easier

And although they seem very simple, still not many people use them.

It is enough to look at the following examples, which will find application in everyday life of each of us. Which of them caught your attention the most?

#1 Sink That Will Save You Money on Water

© NTDTelevision/facebook#2 A Tip-Collecting Device Where You Can Pay By Card

© McBloggenstein/reddit#3 Caps That Are Perfect For Walking on Grass

© club45483154/ The Elevator Button Located at the Middle of the Hallway. By the Time You Reach the Elevator, It Will Already Be Waiting For You

© lukeallen1/reddit#5 This Calculator Will Help You Calculate the Cost of Shopping

© Afrocean/reddit#6 Stroller and Scooter in One

© unknown author/imgur#7 Ice Cream with Wine – 5% Alcohol, 100% Joy

© mercer#8 A Fitting Room Where You Certainly Won’t Confuse the Things You Want to Buy With the Things You Want to Put Away

© Pumpkinspice90/reddit#9 Divided Sauce Containers

© VoodooMamaJuuju/reddit#10 With These Buttons, You Can Call the Waiter, Ask For the Bill, Or Ask to Clear the Table

© unknown author/reddit#11 Mug with a Hole to Hold Your Teabag

© japaneseholler/reddit#12 A Solution for the Little Ones

© amazon#13 Chewing Gum with Paper to Wrap Used Ones

© nt261999/reddit#14 Hidden Extension Cord in the Wall

© yankodesign#15 The World’s Most Ingenious Slides

© BoatToTheMoon21/reddit#16 A Bench That Can Be For Adults and Kids at the Same Time

FatTortoise / reddit#17 A Bench with Panels, as Charging Port Roof

gatheryourmagic /reddit#18 Microwave That Opens like a Pull-Out Drawer

Rdubya44 / reddit
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