Infographic: 14 writing secrets from Stephen King you can use in comms

The master of horror has advice you can use. Really.

Here’s a secret about me: As a writer, I hate books about writing.

Now, I don’t mean handy guidebooks, like The Associated Press Stylebook or good old Strunk & White’s “Elements of Style.” Every writer should have reference materials like these in their arsenal.

No, I mean the preachy, pretentious works that claim to make you a better storyteller. I find them, in general, impractical, and too deep into navel-gazing to be helpful for a business communicator.

There is one exception.



“On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” by Stephen King, published in 2000, tells the incredible story of how King went from down-and-out English teacher to one of the most successful authors of all time. However, beyond the biographical, it also offers astonishing, practical, in-the-weeds insights into his writing process that are valuable whether you’re writing a novel or a press release (or both — I see you with that manuscript in your desk drawer).

Some of them might seem more suited for fiction writing at first — but push past that. Look deeper into how you can make characters and situations part of your writing process to make your work product come to life.

The full book is well worth the time of anyone who has built their life on words. But if you’re looking for the Cliff’s Notes version, check out the infographic below from Stephen King’s UK publisher.An infographic of Stephen King's tips from

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