I was in college before I really knew what a “powder room” was

In my mind, it was simply a place where ladies went to powder their noses, and I had been baffled as to who would dedicate an entire room to such a purpose. Alas, I was not quite in the know. A powder room is merely the name for a women’s bathroom in a public space, or the name of a guest bathroom or small bathroom without tub or shower in a private home. What powder rooms lack in size, however, they can more than make up for in style. Here are some tips to turn your powder room into a WOW!der room.

Under-the-Stairs Powder Room.

A powder room can be tucked away in those tiny bits of square footage that are often hard to account for – under the stairs, for example. What a great use of a small nook. In such a small space, the fewer visual breaks within the space, the better. Consider keeping the space monochromatic with an interesting wall detailing, such as subway tile, to keep things simple and chic.
Next-to-the-Kitchen Powder Room.

With the powder room’s simplicity and straightforwardness in function and, often, location in the house – next to the kitchen, for example – this room can actually be a heavy hitter in usage. As such, be sure the essentials are present and accounted for, including a sink, mirror, toilet, and hand towel. Air freshening plants are also a nice way to soften the small boxy room.
Wallpapered Powder Room.

Powder rooms are also called “half baths.” In real estate, a full bath is a bathroom with the four primary components: shower, tub, toilet, sink. A 3/4 bath has the toilet and sink and either a shower or a tub. A half bath, then, is a bathroom with just a toilet and sink. Consider incorporating some wood or other natural materials into the powder room to make it feel like a styled space while keeping it from feeling clinical.{found on livetteswallpaper}.
Horizontally Styled Powder Room.

Because the powder room is typically a small space, styling it with horizontal lines and décor can actually fool the brain into making it appear larger. In this cottage powder room, for example, pale grey plank walls wrap all the way around, which blurs the perception of where the room’s corners are. Long, horizontal drawer and cabinet pulls on the medium tone vanity give the space a wide visual berth.{found on maglebyconstruction}.
Main Floor Powder Room.

Often located conveniently on the main floor for guests to use while visiting, some powder rooms are spacious despite their being technically still a half bath. If you have the square footage available, consider playing with dramatic accent walls in your powder room. A chunky marble vanity countertop looks chic and yet down-to-earth with a printed black and white tile floor.
Floating Wall Shelves in Powder Room.

It might be tempting to omit any and all extraneous decoration in the small space that is a postage stamp-sized powder room. But sometimes it is precisely those homey touches that make the tiny room feel comfortable and inviting. Floating wall shelves are ideal in this situation, because they take up zero floor space and add wonderful visual interest. Keep the color scheme tight and cohesive, though, because the small room can’t handle a visual battle.
Luxurious Powder Room.

In the powder room with plenty of space, you have a little more leeway to play with accessories. A vintage-inspired wire cart on wheels, for example, holds towels and/or toilet paper stylishly. Artwork helps the space to feel like an actual room, also.
The “Be Bold” Powder Room.

It’s important to remember that, sometimes, a tiny room affords more decorating and styling options than does a larger space. You can go bigger and bolder in a small powder room without overwhelming simply because, even floor to ceiling and all the walls, it’s not that high of quantity of boldness. Play with vibrant wallpaper, patterned wall or floor tiles, or dramatic colors that you love but might find hard to allow in other larger rooms of the house.

So, when you’re looking to add style to your powder room’s functionality, every plane is a candidate – the floor, the walls, the ceiling, the accessories. You can go big or go tiny, go broad or incredibly detailed, or anywhere in between. In such a small space, you’re free to focus on enjoying the freedom of decorating!{found on bethhollanddesign}.

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