I’ve cooked 3,981 meals in the past two months 🤪

I’ve cooked 3,981 meals in the past two months. 🤪 Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every. Single. Day! A huge leap from our norm. We’ve only ordered take-out four times and although those meals were a nice reprieve, I prefer to cook meals for my family. I like knowing the exact ingredients that we are eating and having control of what we put into our bodies. My new Bosch refrigerator keeps everything super fresh, so we are getting a ton of fruits and veggies into our diet these days!

I’m also trying to keep grocery store visits to a minimum, so I definitely stock up more than I used to. As a result, I’ve had to be strategic about organizing my fridge to make sure we eat everything we buy. Our Bosch refrigerator is a dream because it’s not only built for custom organization, it also ensures that our produce stays at its freshest with their new four-point FarmFresh System. For example, VitaFreshPro balances both temperature and humidity levels based on the setting I select. All I do is choose whether I’m storing fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses, etc., and the fridge does the rest of the work for me! The FreshProtect Filter absorbs natural ethylene from produce to slow down ripening, so I can buy more fresh produce and enjoy it for longer. And, MultiAirFlow + AirFresh Filter keep everything perfectly cool and smelling great all the time, so no more baking soda needed! I swear, I can have produce in what I now call “the freshness drawer” for over two weeks and it’s as if I bought it that same day. I bought an enormous bag of kale and it literally lasted almost two weeks. It was almost an experiment for me. 🤔 I would eat a little bit of kale every couple of days, taste it for freshness, and it was always delicious! Truly magical and mom approved ✔

Lennox and I have also really started enjoying cooking meals together. Whether it’s a simple PB&J for lunch or Taco Tuesday for dinner, he can easily access the produce drawer and help me pick ingredients for the meal we’ve chosen. He also takes the liberty of going to the drawer every time he wants some fruit! 🤣 Sneaky! He ends up asking, but it’s the perfect height for him to open and dig around, so ya can’t blame the kid! Something that has helped me get creative with meal planning is the Home Connect app, which is connected to our fridge and has plenty of recipes, plus cooking tips and tricks. I love using it for recipe inspiration so I’m not always cooking the exact same thing! I have to say, I’ve definitely added a few new recipes to my repertoire recently and it’s continuously growing!

As someone who loves to cook for and take care of my family, it’s comforting to know that my fridge is keeping everything at peak freshness and at the ready so we can whip up healthy and nutritious meals together at any moment. Here are a few of my favorite snapshots of us in the kitchen the past couple months!

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