I found jeans so comfortable, you’ll swear you’re wearing leggings every time you put them on

Everyone has their clothing weakness. For some, it’s bags, while others are more like Carrie Bradshaw and have a soft spot for shoes. My Achilles heel? Jeans.

Ever since I was in high school, I’d spend my hard-earned Starbucks paycheck on a new pair of denim practically every month (just ask my mom). To this day, my jeans drawer is so stuffed I can barely shut it all the way, because my collection basically rivals the denim section of any department store. While I’ve tried cutting back, I absolutely could not resist getting my hands on the much-hyped jeans of the brand Good American.

The brand launched with denim in 2016, and is the brainchild of Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede, who both noticed a lack of size and body-inclusive jeans on the market that are actually made to fit women—of all shapes and sizes—well. So they created their own, which immediately made waves for nailing inclusivity, quality, and fit. So yeah, I’m pretty late to the game, but as a self-proclaimed jeans connoisseur, take it from me: They’re really that good.
Photo: Good American
When I slipped on my pair of Good American Good Legs jeans ($159), which are a high-rise skinny jean style, I could notice how comfortable they were right away—they slid on like a glove and didn’t require the shimmy-up-the-hips dance. The material is a perfect mix of true denim and stretch, so they hug to all of the curves in my lower body. The length was just right, too—at 5’1″, skinny jeans are typically too long on my legs. They range from size 00 to 24 and come a variety of inseam lengths so you can find your perfect fit. Medium blue, the rich blue denim color I chose, looks far more expensive than the $159 price tag, and matches with everything.

The second I turned around in the mirror for the ultimate test—how they look on my butt—I breathed a sigh of relief before thinking, “Dayum.” These babies make my ass look good, if I do say so myself (my boyfriend strongly confirms this). It’s been a long time since a pair of jeans made me feel that confident about my assets. As a genius bonus, Good American jeans are made with what the brand calls “recovery fabric,” which means they hold their shape no matter how often you wear them. So, no sagging in the butt or crotch, or annoying loosening on the legs. And there’s a gap-proof waistband so you don’t get that dreaded gap between your butt and the belt loop.

“We know how hard it is for a lot of women to find that perfect fitting pair of jeans, which is why we’ve solved common problems associated with denim,” Grede tells me. “The reason Good American jeans fit so well is centered around our four-part waistband which we designed in house—it creates the perfect, figure-flattering shape with just the right amount of stretch and lift.” She’s right.

I’ve been wearing these jeans almost everyday since I got them—not only do they look amazing and go with all of my clothes, but they feel like leggings. Seriously: They’re like the leggings of the denim world, and are so, so comfortable that I have been trying to convert everyone (especially my fellow leggings lovers) to the brand. Trust me—you’ll find yourself strutting around in ’em, too.

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