How to Still Feel Sexy on Your Period (Yes, It’s Possible)

No matter how progressive and open you are, there simply is just nothing sexy about sitting around in your own blood for a week every month. There’s no surprise why many of us disregard the idea of looking and feeling good the week of our periods. There is just nothing sexy about cramps, sore breasts, swollen eyes from crying, bloating, and the infamous period underwear you store in the back of your drawer when you’re not wearing it. We’ve tried enough period tips to know, though: It’s not a lost cause if you want to get sexy on your period. 


1. Invest in comfortable lingerie

We have an idea in our heads that sexy lingerie is lacy, see-through, and, generally, uncomfortable. But it doesn’t have to be so linear to be sexy. With the rise of bralettes and boy shorts (thank you, Skims!), there are so many comfortable lingerie options that won’t sacrifice comfort. You can play with color and texture to make it sexier, like mesh panels or seamless fabrics. 


2. Take showers—often

When you’re bleeding nonstop, it’s near impossible to ever actually feel clean, which is obviously the antithesis to feeling sexy and wanting to get it on with your partner. Don’t feel bad if you have to amp up your showering during your period to feel clean. While I normally wouldn’t recommend showering more than once a day, on your period, you sometimes have to sacrifice a little dry skin in order to feel like your best (cleanest) self. 


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3. Wear your sexiest perfume

Many of us like to gatekeep our favorite luxury products for the days we feel our absolute best, but we should really be using them on the days we want to feel our absolute best. The simple act of applying a sexy, warm, woody perfume (or your favorite floral—whatever floats your boat) will transport you to a time when you felt great, not bloated and uncomfortable like you might feel right now. 


4. Opt for period underwear

There is nothing less sexy than pads and tampons. Although period underwear might sound a little weird, it’s actually much more comfortable, and we all know it’s impossible to feel sexy when you’re uncomfortable. Pads, tampons, menstrual cups—they’re definitely a necessary evil, but we love period underwear for sleeping specifically. So if you’re heading to bed with your partner and want to have a little more pep in your step for your nightly spoon-sesh, you don’t have to fiddle around with anything but a comfy pair of undies. 


5. Have period sex

I know what you’re thinking: “I’m trying to feel sexy so I can have period sex—isn’t this a little premature?” And the answer is yes. Diving straight into period sex will show you that there isn’t any reason to feel stressed. Yes, period sex requires a little prep, but once you do it, you’ll realize it’s just the right thing to get you out of your period funk. And if you need a little inspiration, try out these period sex positions.


6. Communicate how you feel to your partner or friends

Feeling hot requires realizing you’re not alone in this. Bring it up with your partner or your friends that you don’t quite feel like yourself. They can validate you and show you that it’s normal and OK to feel this way and maybe even point you in the right direction. 


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7. Start tracking your cycle

This might seem clerical, but hear us out: Your sex drive spikes in different points in your cycle, including during your period. When you know it’s coming, you can prepare, and knowing that you biologically feel horny at a certain time is enough motivation to let your libido do its thing. You can track using an app (we love the Clue app), but Fitbit and Apple Watch also offer period tracking. 


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