How To Spend a Gift Card… at Amazon (Menswear Brands)

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Sales of giftcards were up, wait for it, 43% this past holiday season. So chances aren’t half bad that you received a piece of that fantastic plastic, and now it’s burning a hole in your pocket. Or sitting somewhere in a drawer, waiting to be forgotten. In this series titled How to Spend It, we search and sift through some popular, gift-card producing retailers, curating a handful of items at various price points to show you what’s available. Specific sales and available sizes can vary greatly, so check the website or your local store often for the best deals.

Brand Note: Come on Jeffrey, you can do it. Sell us a bunch of budget menswear, put your back into it. Tell us why, show us how. Fits and styles, look at us now! J.Crew and Bonobos and Brooks Brothers – they don’t have Prime and that’s a crime! Come on, Jeffrey, get’em in line!

Goodthreads Lambswool Crewneck Sweater – $36, Straight-Fit Bedford Cord Pant – $30ish,
Print Short Sleeve shown at very top of post – $16

Amazon is an absolute powerhouse. In 2021, their sales were up roughly 18% (thanks, Covid!) and they are reported to have almost 40% of the U.S. e-commerce market. That’s insane! With over 200 million Prime members around the globe, including one in three Americans, there looks to be no revenue decay in sight. Their logistics division rivals that of FedEx and UPS with a hundred airplanes and thousands of Delivery Service Partner vans.

If we take a look at their in-house menswear brands, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what is offered. Styles and materials are fairly basic – keep in mind that Amazon is targeting the Average Joe who just wants some basic clothing that looks good and isn’t as concerned about higher quality materials, construction, or garment ethics. As such, you’ll find a bunch of great essentials like tees, button-down shirts, jeans, chinos, and more for often less money than you’d spend at a traditional retailer like Old Navy, Target, Gap, J.Crew, Banana Republic, etc.

Note that prices and item availability will vary wildly from day to day or even hour to hour. We’ve curated a bunch of stuff that looks to be solid and worth your time – everything chosen was in stock in various sizes at the time of writing. If you’re on the fence, remember that Amazon has Prime Wardrobe where you can try it at home risk free.


Under $50 MSRP

Amazon gift card under 50 2022

Basics fill this price tier with most items being well under the $50 limit. Amazon house brand stuff tends to be OK overall; nothing to write home about, but good enough to last you for many months if well taken care of. In particular, it’s hard to beat a $20 Oxford Cloth button-down shirt or a super versatile shawl-collar cardigan for $27.


From $50-$100 MSRP

Amazon gift card 50-100 2022

Stepping up one tier nets you a handful of more unique pieces, some with higher quality materials like cashmere, merino wool, linen, etc. and less of the cheaper acrylic fibers. Also, don’t sleep on Amazon’s in-house outerwear as these jackets are solid for the majority of us average Joes who don’t want to drop a lot of coin on brand name stuff.


From $100+ MSRP

Amazon gift card 100+ 2022

Amazon’s house brands are focused on budget friendly picks and that’s a good thing for those of us on a tighter clothing budget this year. As such, you won’t find a whole lot of stuff priced above $100 except for suiting, outerwear, shoes, or the oddball cashmere or unique knit items. If you’ve been socking away gift cards for something special, now might be the time to use them on something really unique.

And for in depth looks at individual Amazon Goodthreads pieces, head here for our archive on that particular Amazon exclusive brand.


In Review: Amazon Goodthreads Lambswool Shawl Collar Cardigan

Amazon’s Goodthreads 100% Lambswool Shawl Collar Cardigan – $40