How to Feel Peaceful Going into the New Year

Were a little more than a week away from a new year (and new decade!), and while it can be one of the busiest times of year, I like to make it as peaceful as possible. After all, if youre setting positive intentions for the next year, it makes sense to go in with a grounded, relaxed mind/body/soul. Here are some ways to find peace among the end-of-year chaos.

1. Remember that you can always give New Year presents. I spaced on giving my sons daycare teachers presents because I was sick on his last day. At first, I beat myself up about it and stressed about how to ship items to their houses, and then I realized that I can still give my gratitude after the new year. In fact, it might be nice to space out gifting since Im sure theyre receiving a bunch of stuff. If you forgot anyone on your list, remember that theres no expiration date on spreading love via gifts. The same goes for Christmas cards, etc New Years cards are just as cute. (And for the record, youre not a bad mom if you dont send themI certainly didnt.)

2. Shift your resolution list from goals to peace of mind. The best things Ive done for myself always have to do with a shift in my peace of mind vs. some tangible goal. For example, instead of having a resolution of losing 5 lbs, turning that into feeling more confident in your body. Or instead of making 10K more this year, shift it to feeling content in your savings account. Things change throughout the year and a specific digit or tangible number isnt always what will do you the best.

3. Tell the truth. I recently heard Gabby Bernstein say that the key to a content life is telling the truth, and I loved this answer. Its true! (Had to.) If youre being honest with people and yourself, you wont ever have that icky feeling of maybe a white lie or exaggerating to make yourself look better, etc. Tell yourself the truth, tell others the truth, and itll go along way mentally.

4. Relax! 99% of the country really takes time to shut down or take things slower this time of yeartake advantage of that! Dont worry about staying in leggings all day. Put your to-do list on hold until 2020. Sleep in. Dont feel bad about not responding to texts or emails. Truly take time to give your mind a break for a bit.

5. Declutter. I know this is the opposite of relaxing but I actually find BLISS in organizing and decluttering. Even if its just my junk drawer or my medicine cabinet or my inbox, tackling one messy area thats been building up feels all sorts of peaceful.

Whats your mindset going into 2020?

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