Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Teacher Gifts

14 gifts teachers really want as told by teachers (and some of them might surprise you).

Whew! If there is one thing I know about its teacher gifts. Ive gotten them all, Ive seen them all, and Ill let you in on a secret

I know what teachers REALLY want. Cross my heart and hope to fly. This is one gift guide I feel super prepared for.

Before starting this blog, I was a high school teacher for 5 years. My mom has been a school librarian for over 20 years. My grandmother was a school secretary her entire working career. And my entire extended family is filled to the brim with teachers.

Let me tell you something: teachers will be thankful for every single gift you give them because after all, the recognition alone is what makes it special. BUT if you straight up ask a teacher what he/she wants as a gift, Im betting a lot of these are what he/she has in mind:

14 gifts teachers really want as told by teachers (and some of them might surprise you). #teachergifts #teachergiftideas

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1. Picture Frame Ornament Let your child draw a picture or write a note to his/her teacher and place it in the picture frame as a forever treasure. Or you can use this one to press a small flower or leaf (picked by the best pupil ever, of course).

2. Essential Oils and Diffuser Some teachers dont like wax warmers, and its usually against the rules to burn candles in a classroom, but this is a smell good that can also be beneficial. This essential oil set is kid-safe and promotes immune system health, attention span, positive feelings, and stress relief.

3. A Fancy Pen A student gave me a pricey pen one time as a gift and it was my special teacher pen for a solid few years that I kept tucked away in my desk drawer. It wrote like a dream and was pretty almost exactly like this one.

4. Funny Teacher Book This book will give your teacher some huge belly laughs as its filled with all kinds of hilarious wrong test answers from real students. Its witty and fun, and I guarantee hell/shell relate.

5. Letterboard I used to have a Quote of the Week that I loved to write on the whiteboard for students to feel inspired by for a few days. This letterboard is a fun way for a teacher to display messages in the classroom. And it comes with an easel.

6. School Supply Tote Bonus: Fill the tote with school supplies! Markers, pencils, scissors, etc. They tend to start getting low around mid-year.

7. Chocolate Truffles Teachers deserve a bit of luxury, am I right? Getting candy bars was always fun, but truffles were extra special. Yum!

8. Luxury Hand Sanitizer Hand sanitizer is a necessity at school, but the drugstore kind used to dry out my hands so badly. This one keeps hands soft and its infused with lavender essential oils to promote stress relief.

9. Herbal Tea Sampler Every year, without fail, I would get a cold and lose my voice, but herbal tea was my saving grace to get my teacher voice back quickly.

10. Desk Calendar One thing that a teacher will definitely use. So. many. things. to. remember.

11. Ground Coffee Teachers deserve the good stuff. And they definitely need the caffeine.

12. Personalized Notepads I love this one. Give a teacher a notepad set with her name printed on them. So special! And theyll be used all the time.

13. Special Baking Mix I didnt usually love receiving baked goods from students (even though I loved the sweet gesture) because I was nervous about the cleanliness of their kitchen, or I just received so much from so many students that I couldnt possibly eat it all. But I loved receiving dessert mixes because I could make them when I wanted at home. This scone mix is delicious and gluten free to hopefully get around any teachers health concerns.

14. Gift Cards Teachers are so extremely underpaid, and a lot of times they spend their own money for their own classroom items and school supplies for our kids. An Amazon gift card or Target gift card can be so helpful. Or give a Starbucks gift card as a special treat. Or even give a movie theater gift card as something to be enjoyed during holiday break.

The best gifts, of course, are always the random gifts students pick out because it calls to their hearts. Or the letters they write. Or the pictures they draw.

When in doubt, let your child take the reins on what to get his/her teacher because thats more special than anything.

Got anything youd add to the list?

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