Here’s What Hip Readers Have Been Buying in February

Check out these February reader recommendations from your fellow Hip2Savers!

woman standing in the kitchen holding a coffee mug

Ever wonder what your fellow Hip2Save readers are buying these days? 🤔

We sure do! So we asked our Facebook followers to share their favorite recent purchases and we got so many fun responses! 😍

Whether it’s a deal spotted on Hip2Save, a product recommendation you wanted to share, or a fun splurge you’ve been saving up for, we’ve really enjoyed seeing how you’ve been spending your hard-earned money!

If you missed our January reader recommendations, you can find that post here!

Here are a few highlights from our Facebook discussion:

cat entering robotic litter box

Some of you will never scoop kitty litter again thanks to the Litter-Robot!

Was going to share my Litter-Robot, but I figure you’re probably tired of hearing about it! – Paige

Ahhh! I LOVE the Litter-Robot. It cleans the litter box (rotates and dumps poo/pee clumps into a bag in a drawer below) each time a cat uses it. No more smells, much less mess, and we’ve saved a ton on litter. – Lacey

The Litter-Robot is the best purchase of my life! – Carrie Ann

I LOVE my Litter-Robot!!! Got it 12 years ago and still works WONDERFULLY 🙏🙏🙏Stella

I have the Feeder-Robot. Love it!! 💖 Especially at 5 a.m. on the weekend when our girls demand to be fed!!! 😸 – Trena

woman wearing 32 Degrees sleep dress in living room

Lots of Facebook followers share our love of the 32 Degrees Sleep Dress.

I ordered one of the 32 Degrees sleep dresses back in January and LOVED it so much, I ordered a 2nd color a couple of weeks ago when they lowered the sale price again. I love them! The length is perfect. It’s difficult to find a nightgown that falls mid-calf on me. – Karen

Yesssss! Just got my first one and I *love* it. So super soft and nice length. – Janelle

I got their flowy camisole with built-in bra. Love it! – Denise

tub of foot cream

Readers are raving about O’Keefe’s Healthy Feet.

Call me a nerd, but this stuff is magic. – Melissa

I use this too! – Debi

Never tried the foot one in the jar. I love the tube one, though. – Marie

Yes!! I use the hand one on my feet. I must look for this! – Jill

The hand lotion is amazing too! Working Hands in the green container. – Heather

I swear by the Working Hands! Have never been able to find anything besides prescription meds that actually work for my dry, chapped, bleeding hands, but this stuff works! – Jessica

I love Working Hands. Working in the medical field, I have to constantly wash my hands, so this stuff has been a lifesaver. I’ll have to try the feet one. – Perla

Battery Daddy

This Battery Daddy is super useful for organizing, storing, and testing your batteries.

Battery Daddy from Costco! The 2-year-old granddaughter thinks she has a new sorting game! – Rhonda

I just bought one too. I’m excited. 😂 – Breanna

We just got one also! – Marina

Just got ours yesterday. – Joanne

Hey Dude shoes laid out on floor in circle

These lightweight, comfy, and stylish Hey Dude shoes are always a hit with our readers.

My Hey Dudes shoes! They are so comfortable! I just started wearing them and I’m already ordering my third pair now. – Jen

I just bought some also. They are amazing!! Looking for a second pair. – Carrie

These shoes are everything!!! So comfortable and I’ve washed them at least 6 times and they have held up perfectly. My feet are generally hurting by lunchtime and I can wear these alllllll day with zero issues. I generally refuse to buy shoes at full price but these are worth every single penny. – April

shark robot vacuum under couch

Robot vacuums were very popular this month.

My Shark robot vacuum – I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner! I have 2 dogs and 3 boys (8, 5, and 2), and so far, no toys have been gobbled up. I run it during the day when the boys are at school and the baby is napping (in just the common areas) so I have them pick up any toys and put them in their room before they leave for school. It’s much quieter than a regular vacuum! – Mallory

Me too! I got mine on Amazon on Black Friday. It’s a game-changer!! – Lindsey

We got the Roomba and love it. We have a lot of animals – best thing ever! – Sandy

Ours is a Eufy that we got on Black Friday for $99. Best $99 we ever spent. My husband is like a little kid with that remote! – Lori

Member's Mark Sheet Sets Sam's Club

Our Sam’s Club members LOVE their Member’s Mark sheets.

Sam’s Club sheets. I love how big the fitted sheet is and that it’s always easy to get around the mattress!!! – Samantha

I LOVE them! – Paige

Yes!!! The only place we buy sheets from! – Cathy

woman using a revlon all-in-one styler

Hip readers and team members love the Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer & Hot Air Brush.

The Revlon hair dryer brush. I have mixed hair and this helps me keep healthy, styled hair. My hair has grown longer too. Maybe less heat damage since I don’t need to put in extra work with the flat iron. – EG

I have super thick curly hair that I’ve struggled finding good straighteners for and this one is legit! Cuts probably 15 min off my typical straightening time. – Erin

 Love mine too! – Kimber

Yessss!!! I haven’t used a hair dryer in years, but love this bad boy!! – Jessica

Same. This thing eliminates the heat damage and my hair is SO much healthier. – Michelle

My daughter had this stole this and loves it. I use it occasionally. – Marina

This thing is amazing! And my young kids can dry their own hair with it, which makes them happy. – Letisicia

I love mine! Best part is all the hair gets stuck in the brush instead of all over my bathroom! – Janet B.

Yes! This thing is amazing! My first one died and I bought a second at full price. That’s how you KNOW it’s good! Janet I.

blue water bottle

The Hidrate Spark is the genius water bottle that’s keeping some of our readers hydrated.

This water bottle lights up to remind me to drink. It’s a Hidrate Spark from Amazon. It’s easy to clean – everything comes apart. The lid and bottom piece are top-rack dishwasher-safe, but it says to hand wash the bottle and the battery/light piece that is in the center. – April

It’s a great investment – I’ve never been so well-hydrated in my life! It lights up when it’s time to drink water, ice cubes are easy to put in, it has a GPS tracker, it syncs with your Fitbit, and it tracks your water intake. – Mona

I have one too and love it!! – Jennifer

cat sitting on window perch

This window perch is popular with pet parents and their fur babies!

Window perch for my cat! It’s right by my desk and she loves to lay there while I’m working. – Kelly G.

Our cat didn’t like it… Passed it on to my daughter’s boyfriend’s cat and he loves it. Cats! 😂Lori

Had one of these for years and my cat just loved looking out the window and watching the world go by. LOL – Elsie

My college daughter just adopted a cat and got one of these and we are gifted many (many!) photos of Mr. Meow Meow (yep that’s his name 🥴) enjoy looking out at the snow while lying in his hammock! – Kelly W.

Wet & Forget shower cleaner in bathtub

Lots of you recommended Wet & Forget shower cleaner.

This actually works great with zero scrubbing! My shower curtain liner was crystal clear and the bath/shower bright white after spraying this on at night and rinsing in the morning. – Liz

I agree with you! – Nola

I love this stuff! – Donna

I use that all the time! – Charlotte

I just bought the same. I can’t wait to use it for the first time tonight. – Beverly

leg wearing black leggins

One reader has us very intrigued by Halara’s leggings, made with “Patitoff” fabric.

Pet hair-resistant leggings!! This is my leg after sitting on my couch with my hairy blankets and I have a white dog! It brushes right off. – Keli

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their February reader recommendations with us!

If you missed getting the chance to add your recent purchases to the discussion, feel free to share them in the comments below, or join the conversation over on Facebook!

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