Sheltering, shielding, self-isolating and practising social-distancing at home at the moment is TOUGH! Many emotions arise during this time that can seem overwhelming but there are a few skills and ways to handle these. Connie Stapleton, a very good friend of Bariatric Cookery, outlines some ways in which you might try to handle these difficult ones in this unique and uncomfortable time in our current lives …


“When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt



GUEST POST: Practice these healthy coping skills to help you physically, emotionally and, if you’re a spiritual person, then spiritually as well, during this unprecedented time in our lives:


  1. Breathing. Deep breathing always helps decrease stress, anxiety, fear, and anger. Why? Because when we experience intense emotions, our physiology speeds up. We want to run or fight or expend energy. And when our energy is intense, we often react rather than respond. Breathing deeply and slowly calms our anatomy. When our bodies are calm, we are better able to make better, more rational and logical choices. So slow down and breathe.
  2. Set healthy intentions/Pray. Throughout the day, take moments to send positive thoughts into the universe or say a prayer. This is a way to do something good and kind and loving and sending into the universe or to the heavens. It always helps to focus on others and since we are all better off staying home, it’s good to know there’s a way to help others.
  3. Get outside. Not only does the change of scenery from your own four walls (even if you have a dozen rooms in your house) gives you a chance to change your view, but your attitude, your perspective, and your thoughts, as well. Sometimes fresh air gives you a fresh start.
  4. MOVE your groove thing. Exercise helps us burn more than calories. Burn off some steam, or boredom, or unhealthy cravings, by dancing, walking, cycling, yoga-ing (is that a word?), or squatting! Work off the energy, then you’ll be better able to make healthy decisions and choices.
  5. Give gratitude. Tell someone one or two things about them that you appreciate. When you’re super worried or anxious or upset, make a list of things that are right in your world and smile about those things.
  6. Use mantras. Come up with a list of trite, but very true sayings and repeat them as needed: “This, too, will pass,” “Focus on what I can do,” “A day at a time,” and “In this moment, all is well.”
  7. Laugh. Do things that bring you happiness and cause you to laugh. Watch your favourite comedy, read a funny book or simply have a conversation with a three-year-old! You’ll feel better for sure!
  8. Get busy. We all have a closet that needs to be cleaned and a junk drawer that needs to be sorted. We never have time to sew those hems or finish that project. Re-pot your plants, sort through your pictures and send some old-fashioned snail mail.
  9. Download some incredible apps. Since things are what they are, I shall share my gratitude about having some super apps to offer positive messages, uplifting podcasts, encouraging meditations and lessons on everything from mindfulness, yoga, creative writing and a thousand other things!
  10. Imagine your awesome future. Create a vision board with tremendous plans for your future. Dream big! Include small joys. Smile as you engage in the unique architecture of your future.

We’re all in this together. Please share this with others. We all need some help right now!
Thanks so much.


Feature courtesy of Connie Stapleton, PhD