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Over the past few months, we have all been deprived of the amazing (yet sweaty) atmosphere of our local gym, and many of us have had to resort to outdoor runs and the free equipment in the park - after wiping it down with anti-bac wipes, of course. However, a home gym is an option, even if you don’t live in a huge home with a double garage - in fact, even in a small apartment you can make it work. Here is how. 

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Small weights

As much as you may have loved the various weight machines at the gym, it’s time to make things more simple and handheld. For example, by using hex dumbbells you can still do a whole load of exercises and really tone and build muscle, without taking up too much room space. Not only are these small enough to stick in a drawer when they’re not in use, but they are also encased in rubber which means that when they are dropped, your downstairs neighbours won’t be too angry. These are a fantastic investment as they are versatile and easy to store. 

A pull-up bar

A pull-up bar is the perfect solution for even the smallest apartment as it doesn’t take up any space at all and can be fitted to any door frame in your home. Set a challenge that every time you walk under it, you have to do five pull-ups and you’ll start to see the difference (or start to avoid that door!). 

Something folding or under-desk

You can get exercise bikes that fold away or even ellipticals that are specifically for use while you’re sitting at your desk. As much as you may want a treadmill with all the bells and whistles, they take up a lot of space and often end up being used as a dumping ground for clothes, so it’s much more efficient to opt for something simple and small that you’re likely to use. 

Resistance bands

So small you can stick them in your sock drawer, but so effective you can do an entire body blast with them. Once you know how to use them, resistance bands will become your new best friends, although it is worth noting that you do need sufficient space to actually do the exercises, so make sure you check that before you start and end up punching a wall by mistake!

You don’t need a whole lot to work out at home. Alongside these simple pieces of equipment, you need some creativity and determination, and 30 minutes a day. Create some space that you can dedicate to working out and make it as easy to access the equipment as possible, otherwise, you might find yourself making excuses as to why you couldn’t possibly get everything out and start working out after work! Remember, the time you’re saving by not travelling to the gym is time that could be spent working out. 

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