Gucci’s Beauty Ad Featuring ‘Real’ Woman With Clumpy Black Mascara Divides Fans

Gucci Beauty’s latest ad has got people talking.

The campaign for its new mascara features New York punk musician Dani Miller grinning widely, flashing her famous gap-tooth. Photographed by Martin Parr, the ad is full of eye crinkles, bushy eyebrows, a hint of foundation and clumpy black mascara.

“It builds and builds for eyes that are EVERYTHING,” reads the ad copy. The visual has left customers divided with its vision of imperfect beauty.

“Nice messcara,” an Instagram user snipes. “This definitely isn’t going to sell their mascara. Looks like she’s put on old mascara that she’s found in the bottom of a drawer,” comments another user, who evidently isn’t a fan.

Another shopper has come in hard and criticized Miller’s appearance, claiming she shouldn’t model because she doesn’t meet conventional standards. “Doctors can’t be doctors if they aren’t smart. Models can’t be models if they aren’t pretty. That’s just how jobs work,” the user writes.

Other customers have hit back at the critics, questioning their unpreparedness about brands spotlighting realistic bodies. One user remarks, “People are publicly crying out for ‘real’ women to be used in ads, but when they do, all people can say is nasty things.”

This is not the first time Gucci has found itself getting scrutinized by featuring Miller in its ad. Back in May 2019, the brand unveiled a lipstick ad featuring a closeup of Miller’s grinning mouth with missing teeth.

Gucci creative designer Alessandro Michele said in a press release that the Mascara L’Obscur is designed for “an authentic person who uses makeup to tell their story of freedom, in their way.”

“When we asked the talents to do the campaign, we looked for somewhat eccentric personalities who really wear their makeup in this way. We called it L’Obscur because this word balances charm and mystery,” he explained.

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‘It builds and builds, for eyes that are EVERYTHING.’ Debuting Gucci Mascara L’Obscur, the first mascara by @alessandro_michele starring in a new campaign shot by @martinparrstudio featuring Dani Miller @alienzarereal and makeup by @thomasdekluyver. An object of beauty and desire, the mascara features an ultra-rich creamy texture in one pure intense black shade, and a long-wearing finish of up to twelve hours. Available exclusively through link in bio. #GucciBeautyNetwork #GucciEyes #GucciBeauty @gucci #AlessandroMichele

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Presenting Gucci Mascara L’Obscur: meaning intensely dark, the new buildable mascara features a uniquely shaped brush and formula to grip lashes and create distinct results. Merging references from vintage Hollywood to surrealism and an 80s aesthetic, Mae Lapres @meimeilapres appears in the #GucciBeautyNetwork campaign to present the new mascara. Discover more through link in bio. @alessandro_michele #AlessandroMichele @gucci #GucciBeauty #GucciBeautyNetwork #GucciEyes

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Looking at the new #GucciArtWall in Mexico City’s Avenida de Michoacán featuring a #GucciiBeautyNetwork campaign image with #DaniMiller @alienzarereal—lead singer of punk band @therealsurfbort—wearing Rouge à Lèvres Satin 25* ‘Goldie Red, the collection’s star color chosen by @alessandro_michele. #AlessandroMichele @gucci #GucciBeauty

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[via The Guardian, opening image via Gucci Beauty]