Genius Ways To Pass The Time Without Your Smartphone

Everyone falls into a rut at one point or another. Sometimes you’re able to quickly pull yourself out, or you slip into an even worse state: a state of boredom. The looming dread of boredom is quite possibly one of the worst feelings in the world. Whether you’ve scrolled through TikTok for more hours than you’d like to admit or made every one of our TGIF recipes, every so often you fall into a slump that even your smartphone can’t fix.

Fortunately for you, we’ve been there, too. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your phone (after all, there are only so many times you can see what all of your high school classmates are up to now), we’ve rounded up the 25 fun things to conquer the boredom without spending tons of money. From at-home self care to finally doing the tasks you’ve been putting off around the house, we’re sure you’ll find something to keep your mind stimulated and body busy on this list.

Make your home more efficient

1. Clear your visual clutter.

As of 2022 we had no idea this was a thing, but Kristyn totally convinced us to ditch our noise of small things in our homes for a more serene space.

2. Ship your returns.

We all have at least one return that’s been sitting by our door for weeks waiting to be sent back. Package and drop it off at the post office for some cash back in your (virtual) wallet.

3. Create a “life folio.”

Keep all of your documents in one place (and ideally in a fireproof box) for easy access when you need them. No more rummaging through a pile of miscellaneous items for your passport!

4. Print new pictures for your frames.

Unless you just moved in, chances are your frames haven’t been updated with new pics in quite some time. Take a few minutes to order some prints of all your favorite pics for an easy and cheap home upgrade.

5. Book important appointments

If you haven’t already scheduled your yearly doctors and dental appointments, book your appointments and add it to your cal. Future you will thank you!

6. Put together an emergency supply kit for your car.

Keep yourself safe in case of an on-road or off-road emergency with this kit. We recommend starting with a roadside emergency kit and adding your own personal products so you’re prepared for anything.

7. Go through your closet.

No, you don’t need your cheer uniform from 2012. Retire it to the garbage or donate any usable clothes to a women’s shelter near you.

Get your creative juices flowing

Woman painting

8. Do a deep dive on a subject that interests you.

Finally figure out what went down between Youtubers Tati Westbrook and James Charles, explore the history of ancient Egypt, or investigate the best Met Gala looks – whatever suits your fancy! If you find yourself continuously drawn to a specific subject, find some documentaries, video essays or articles and research your heart out!

9. Plan your next getaway.

Skip the daydreaming and *actually* look up everything from plane tickets and hotel rooms to activities to fill your trip with.

10. Paint your heart out.

If you’ve got the materials, put paint to paper and create something beautiful.

11. Find some new music.

Update your Spotify or Apple Music (or Amazon Music – we don’t judge!) playlist with some new music and jam it out.

12. Create your own cocktail.

Channel your inner mixologist with this fun activity. IF you’re not sure where to start, try your hand at one of our cocktail recipes first.

13. Text (or call, or Facetime) a friend.

Sometimes all you need is a new perspective to spark inspiration.

14. DIY a floral bouquet.

Grab some flowers from Trader Joe’s and make a pretty bouquet to brighten up your space.

15. Try your hand at a new card game.

There are so many fun card games that are on the market. If you’re not alone, play hella awkward with your BFFS or deepen your connection with your partner with We’re Not Really Strangers.

Self care indulgences

Woman meditating

16. Relax with a face mask.

Have a face mask that’s been sitting in a drawer for months? Well now is the time to use it!

17. DIY a lymphatic drainage massage.

Lymphatic drainage is the key to evening out your skin’s texture, getting rid of cellulite and improving circulation. Try out this tutorial for the healthiest glow.

18. Read a book.

Stimulate your mind with the book you bought a year ago but still haven’t read. There’s no time like the present!

19. Learn how to do your own nails.

Save $50+ a month getting your nails done by learning how to DIY it for a fraction of the cost. Not sure where to start? Well we’ve got the tutorial for you!

20. Catch up on some zzz’s.

This one may seem kind of obvious, but recharge your body with some sleep. At the very least, you’ll be feeling more relaxed post-nap.

21. Take an online mat pilates class.

Even if you’re not a pilates pro, mat pilates is an easy way to get some exercise in without any equipment. Lidia Mera and Mel Cornelo both have amazing classes you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Head outside

22. Go on a HGW.

A HGW (AKA a hot girl walk) is the perfect I’m-bored-but-don’t-want-to-stay-home solution. Throw on some sneakers and headphones and explore your neighborhood for some good ol’ fashioned fresh air.

23. “Rent” a shelter dog for the day.

Did you know that some animal shelters let you take their animals out for the day? Let a dog stretch its legs and give you some love with this adorable activity.

24. Embrace some lizard time.

What’s “lizard time” time you may ask? It’s basking in the sun. Not only is the Vitamin D great for your body, but you’ll be feeling plenty energized post-bask.

25. Visit your fave neighborhood spots.

Do you have a deli you frequent? A nearby cafe spot with the best acai bowls in the world? Take a little trip and treat yourself to something ah-mazing.

Got any other go-to boredom activities? Let us know in the comments below!

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Header Image Courtesy of Magnet.Me / Unsplash