Genius Items You Can Find on Amazon for $5 or Less

The only thing better than avoiding shopping with kids in tow is scoring an amazing deal. Thanks to Amazon, you can have both. We discovered the best Amazon deals right now (most of them are $5 or less!) that will not only make your life easier but will save you money, too. Now that’s a win. Keep reading to see them all.

Tuscom Portable Mini Sealing Heat Bag Sealer

Keep your chips, cookies and any other edibles fresh with this little bag sealer. Simply heat it up and run it across the top of the bag for an airtight seal. 

Buy it here, $3.99.

Avocado Holder

Finally! A way to ensure your avocado doesn't go brown. For only $3.99, think of all the cash you'll save because you won't have to toss the other half. 

Clip-On Light

Your partner wants to hit the hay but you've just gotten to the good part of the book. Simply pull out this clip-on light and everyone wins. At just $3.59, it's also great for traveling! 

Ring Size Adjuster

Are your rings too big? This set of silicon noodles will keep your baubles from swinging. Easy to use and clean, get a 4-pack for only $6.79

Drawer Organizer

There are tons of ways these drawer organizers can be used around the house and for $3.99 you can afford to buy a few. 

Elephant Nightlights

These sweet, color-changing LED lights are just $2.79 for a set of two. 

Stainless Steel Straws

With plastic straw bans steadily growing across the globe, you won't want to leave home without your own reusable straws. This five-piece set is just $3.99, so you can afford to keep a set at home and get one for your bag on the go.


Mad Libs

Remember how many hours you spent laughing over the silly sentences you created in Mad Libs? Share the fun with your own kids for under $5. It's the perfect activity for a rainy day, and your kids will be so busy laughing they won't realize they are actually developing their grammar skills. There are a variety of Mad Libs books available for $3.99 and less.

Stylish Hair Clip

Dress up that mom-do with this stylish triangle hair clip that looks way more expensive than its $4.95 price tag.

Chalkboard Labels

Finally, the perfect excuse to organize your kitchen. The best part? These chalkboard labels are reusable and can be used on everything from mason jars to wine glasses! $4.99 for 36 labels

A Plug-In Moon & Stars Night Light

A plug-in night light that provides just the right amount of light in a nursery, kid's room, or hallway, all for just $2.99.

Cradle Cap Brush

Deal with baby's cradle cap and first wisps of hair with this soft 2-in-1 brush from Safety 1st, just $4.99

Travel Flossers

For those days when you're on the go, having micro dental flossers stashed away in your bag makes it easy to keep pesky dental debris at bay. $6.49.

Onion Slicer

Never suffer from ill-chopped onions again! This stainless steel onion slicer is a whopping $5.99 and worth every penny.

Cup Sleeve

Adorable and reusable cup sleeves for $4.99? Not only does your morning cup of Joe look way cuter, but you're reducing your carbon footprint, too.

Counter Trash Bag

This $3.98 counter hanger makes for easy clean up when you're cooking.

Magic Erasers

You can never have too many Magic Erasers when you have kids at home, especially for $4.94 for a pack of six. 

Odor Absorber

Eradicate diaper pail smells with this $5.75 odor absorber that's safer to use than a scented candle.

Bottle Brush

This $4 brush makes cleaning baby bottles and sippy cups a snap.

Sponge Caddy

When spills happen (and they never fail with kids) your sponge will be right at hand with this caddy for $4.99.

Bag Holder

Anything that clears up the clutter of bags for under a buck, like this $3.86 organizer is worth a shot.


Vinyl Repair Tape

Get a roll of this handy stuff for just $4.95. It comes in seven colors and immediately bonds to nylon, mesh, vinyl, rubber and plastic, ideal for repairing items like tents, jackets, sleeping bags, water bottles and more. Don't forget this on your next camping trip! 

—Shahrzad Warkentin & Karly Wood

All photos: Amazon

Editor’s Note: All items available and with a price of $5 or less at the time of publication.



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